7 Tips to Recruit Software Developers – and Keep Them Happy

If you have a business in the tech domain, you most certainly need to recruit software developers – and retain them. But, as any business owner should know, finding such talent and then making them stay, is a rather challenging task. Most of them are attracted by the larger companies, leaving the rest of the business world to experience a shortage when it comes to good software developers. Even in this not so encouraging environment, you still need to hire the highest quality software developers.

So, how can you recruit software developers of the highest caliber, considering that the resume of a person offers only a small part of what a person is? After all, you do want to hire good professionals that will know how to do their job right. Here are 7 tips to help you in these challenging times for recruitment.

What’s the atmosphere in your company?
Try to be honest when answering this question – because it may help you understand why it’s so hard to convince good software developers to want to work for you. Is there happiness at your workplace? Are your current employees happy and content with their jobs and the place where they work on an everyday basis? If they are indeed happy, then they will tell their friends about it and invite them to bring in their resume when a position within the company becomes available. But, if their workplace is not such a happy place, then most certainly they will not tell anyone about it. Developers like to focus in on their work at hand, and that might mean free food, a bucket of earbuds, flexible work hours, onsite child care, and the list goes on and on. Also, do have in mind that happiness is not always generated by money, so if a developer gets exceptional working conditions and the role he or she desires, the paycheck stops becoming so important.

Lead with a proper ad for the job
One of the most commonly made mistakes among business owners is an unattractive job listing. Before creating this ad, you need to have in mind that software developers are mainly interested in the practices used, and work environment, of a company. Avoid making the ad entirely about problems to be solved, being sure to mention processes, practices and environment. In the ad, you also need to state a few characteristics and benefits of the job, the work environment and even the culture in your company. This is the best way to attract software developers. Don’t worry, they will find everything they need to know about their position and the problems they need to solve during the interview. Until then, you need to have as many candidates as possible.

Always opt for small teams
If you need to recruit software developers several at a time, it is highly recommended to create small teams instead of one large team. The smaller the number of developers is within a team, the faster they will work and the better they will communicate. A team that is too large will consume more time: There will be more debates, more contradictions, and more communication barriers – as each team member will do his or her best to make their point of view heard. The same principle applies in small or large companies. A small team is always a much better option, working more efficiently, having better-connected members, and a higher level of happiness. Considering this when you recruit software developers and create other teams for your company.

Show them the trust they deserve
Failure is a rather common thing when it comes to software development, as things don’t always work as expected. But, this aspect should not worry you because when software developers feel supported and safe at their workplace, they will work to make things right. All you have to do is to trust them sufficiently and allow them to do their work. After all, if you considered a developer trustworthy enough to get the job, then you need to show this trust every single day. Avoid blaming them whenever things go wrong. And as soon as the developers you hired start proving themselves, your level of trust should grow. You see, once you recruit software developers, it is just the beginning of a relationship that you will want to nurture.

Provide rewards and incentives
According to employer incentive programs provider GC Incentives, celebrating achievements at even the smallest milestones can increase employee engagement and satisfaction. Common incentive programs use gift cards, merchandise and can even be personalized, white labeled, distributed through an app, etc. For software developers, this “gamification” of their job can add yet another layer of enjoyment, recognition and excitement.

Encourage them as often as you get the chance
Software developers don’t just create stuff, but they also spend a lot of time trying to solve issues. This means that they will constantly generate ideas that are meant to provide solutions. Dismissing these ideas, instead of listening to them, is extremely demoralizing for developers. Even if their ideas are not yet the best, it is important to listen and encourage them. This kind of encouragement and motivation will help them solve a problem in a very short while.

See why people are leaving your company
While there’s nothing out of place with people leaving a company once in a while, it is vital to make sure that they are not leaving because of work conditions or other aspects connected to your company. After so much investment to recruit software developers, companies need to consider why they might leave. Unfortunately, one of main reason software developers leave a company is because they have been stolen by another company, which discovered them and promised better conditions than the ones provided by your company. But, besides this, software developers can also leave if their freedom to choose solutions and tools is impaired, if they have to participate in too many meetings, if their work is affected by the legacy system of the company, if the deadlines are poorly managed, if they have to face too many interruptions while working, if the requirements are not cleared, or if there are conflict situations in the company. So, as you can see, there can be quite a few reasons that can make a developer quit his job, solving these aspects if they exist, is something that will definitely help you retain good software developers for longer periods.