7 Ways to Establish a Productive Remote Culture in your Startup


Remote workforces can easily forget to maintain their company cultures. Whether we blame the distance or the new structure, there are many reasons to put our values, traditions, and routines on the back burner. However, it’s important to try new things and revamp programs so that we can optimize a remote culture’s productivity, well-being, and loyalty.

  1. Employee Appreciation

Recognition is a fundamental human need and essential to strengthening startups. By showing appreciation for employees, an organization’s people will grow more confident and engaged.

There are many unique staff appreciation ideas during COVID that are extremely effective. Whether writing personal letters or designing an awards program, business leaders can show they care about their team in genuine and special ways.

  1. Wellness Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused work-related stress and burnout to increase. The employee mental health crisis shows that approximately 83% of employees have felt emotionally drained from work. 

Despite discouraging statistics, there are diverse ways to support staff mental health. For instance, you can develop an incentive program for employees to complete fitness challenges. This can inspire healthy workplace competition and improve well-being.

  1. Online Acknowledgment

Remote teams are equipped with many communication tools. This technology makes it easy for employees to acknowledge others, their achievements, and their skills.

Additionally, it’s important to understand how employees prefer to be praised: publicly or privately. For example, a leader can use direct messaging to send a thank-you note to a staff member who landed a new client.

  1. Remote Events

Organizing remote events can bring team members together and recreate in-person occasions from the comfort of individual offices. To go above and beyond, consider tying in games, prizes, and team building activities for remote teams. 

For example, you can host a year-end recap or a happy hour game show. Possible incentives include electronic gift cards and company swag items.

  1. Virtual Presence

When working at home, it’s common to take it easy and to not worry about appearances. Who cares if we work in bed or don’t wear pants? 

However, your virtual presence is important and sets the tone and mood for your staff. Also, how you present yourself heavily affects your feelings and productivity. 

To inspire remote professionalism, make sure you look put together and actively listen during virtual meetings. Also, verbally praise others and their accomplishments while conferencing, to encourage positivity in others. 

  1. Professional Development

Ultimately, providing employees with professional development shows that they are valued. Their leaders want to invest in them and to see how they can grow within their organization. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online classes are easily accessible and growing more popular.

To take it up a notch, you can support your staff’s personal development. For instance, leaders can encourage staff members to pursue passions, interests, and hobbies. Also, consider recognizing what your employees achieve outside of work, like having a baby or winning a cooking contest.

  1. Company Benefits

With the COVID-19 pandemic, lifestyles changed immensely. From working remotely to starting virtual learning, family life and priorities shifted. Consider taking this as an opportunity to survey staff members and update employee benefits in 2022.

It’s important to ask what employees need most and to make proper changes. This way, leaders can show they support and care for their team members. 

Key Takeaways

No matter how small your remote team is, developing a positive company culture is essential to growing your business. Try new activities with your team and develop recognition programs with the efforts that stick. This way, you can create traditions and memories for your people.