8 High Demand Professional Skills You Should Develop in 2020


Do you recall the good old days when finding a job was quite easy but today the needs and demands have changed. Companies now require skilled professionals who are well versed and up to date with the technology, they want professionals who have the ability to learn new skills.

As we look to the year ahead it’s important to pause and have a look at the skills that will be in demand in 2019.

#1 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative fields. It’s one of the most profitable skills you can learn. Today 72% of CEO’s regard AI proficiencies as the most important quality of the company. AI is all set to transform the business landscape.

Consecutively, the demand for ability with innovative AI skills like machine learning and deep learning continues to increase. Sooner or later companies will require AI/ML engineers to get to the next level of automation. These professionals will optimize business operations.

AI Professionals are expected to draw annual salaries between $300,000 and $500,000.

#2 Digital Marketing

With the rise of Digital, it’s no surprise to see Digital Marketing as one of the most in-demand skill. Technology is constantly evolving with the introduction of various initiatives by the government like Digital India. And with the increased use of social media, the customer behavior is changing and people are spending more time online.  The number of tech-savvy internet users has also increased tremendously.  So every business today wants to promote themselves online.

In today’s World, Digital Marketing has become very popular and career-oriented profile. It’s a medium of communication. As technology drives traffic, Digital Marketing is the next big thing in the market. Internet Marketing is a skill that everyone should have irrespective of their job profile.

There are 200,000 Digital jobs predicted by 2020 and not sufficient Digital specialists to fill them. Digital marketing is a skill that can also benefit you if you decide to start your own business in the future.

With every business going digital, business owners look for digital marketers who can drive insights, measure ROI and work on their marketing strategies.

Today, making a career in Digital Marketing is not difficult as there are number of Digital Marketing courses available. A digital marketing course will help you in understanding what Digital marketing is and how it’s done.

The average annual salary of Digital Marketing Professionals falls between $85,216 and $122,259.

#5 Data Science

Data science is obtaining information out of data. It uses a variety of tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles. The demand for Data Scientists is high in key industries like banking, finance and health care because they enable businesses and organizations to make better, data-driven decisions.

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 report, job openings for Data Scientist profiles have a 45% year-over-year growth rate.

A data scientist who also has knowledge of or knows how to do data visualization to help people understand the significance of data is highly sought after.

The basic salary of Data Scientists is $113,000.

#4 Graphic Design

From creating basic things like posters and print advertisements to the UI/UX design for mobile apps, graphic designers can never run out of jobs.

The most popular tools for a graphic designer are software like Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, graphic designers should be well aware of the tools. Besides these, other fundamentals include the knowledge of page layouts, creativity, typography, color, image editing and print creation.

The average annual salary of Graphic Designers is $44,150 or $21.22 per hour.

#5 Cybersecurity

As technology keeps on evolving, Cybersecurity professionals are the shield which protects an organization from harmful hacking and malware. It is also imperative for a cybersecurity expert to keep pace with the latest forms of cyber threats.

Cybersecurity experts can see a lot of success in this field as companies is ready to pay a handsome salary to experts so that the companies are digitally secured.

Cybersecurity jobs can provide a salary of $100,000 to $210,000 per annum.

#6 Programming Knowledge

Programming, especially with multi-faceted languages like Javascript and python, are the most in demand, Programming involves building and running of software and applications with the use of programming languages. It also involves testing the accuracy of the code and algorithms to make sure smooth working.

Whether you’re an Engineer, Software Engineer or even a Digital Marketer, these languages are not only used to build scalable applications but also to automate, restructure procedures or crawl data across different systems. The average annual salary of a Programmer or Software Engineer is around $106,710 per annum. And even though learning how to code can seem overwhelming at the beginning with all these different programming languages to choose from, there are a lot of useful guides on how to code for beginners that can help to start learning programming step-by-step.

#7 Mobile Application Development

Our world is now shrunk into our hands. Companies are now interested to release mobile applications to reach out to more consumers. In this case, the need for mobile application developers will be high. They will continue to be in great demand just as they have been in the past years. The demand will be more in 2019 as brands are moving towards digital mediums.

The developers should be fluent in multiple programming languages including Java, HTML5, Objective-C, C++, C#, Python and Swift.

The average salary for Mobile App Development jobs falls between $74,412 and $100,413 per annum.

#8 Big Data Hadoop

Earlier, Hadoop is a big information market is as yet an important platform for information storing. As indicated by an industry expectation, the Hadoop market will develop to $40 billion by 2021 and this will expect expertise to create, direct and control Hadoop usage.

On the off chance that you are searching for specialized preparing in Hadoop design, highlights and network, and a more deep comprehension of Apache Hadoop, with HDFS and MapReduce, at that point Inventateq’s Big Data Hadoop preparing highlights industry use-cases and real-time projects. In this course, you would deep be able to plunge into Hadoop biological system and furthermore comprehend the different tools with their functionalities.

The average annual salary of a Big Data Handoop falls between $85,500 and $140,000 per annum.