8 Reasons Why The Automotive Industry Needs Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing industry. With the rise of technology, more businesses are relying on it to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. The automotive industry has not been immune to these attacks either, with many incidents affecting cars worldwide. This blog post will explore five reasons why the automotive industry needs cybersecurity today!

Hackers can Steal your Identity and use it to buy a Car

What if you thought you were buying a car, only to find out that it was bought by someone else with your identity? This has happened before. Hackers broke into an online database of credit reports and stole social security numbers to buy cars without the owner’s knowledge. Although this is already bad enough, imagine what would happen if hackers used these stolen identities for more nefarious purposes such as terrorism or other crimes! There are many things wrong with this picture from both a legal standpoint and from those affected directly.

Luckily, there is a fairly new technology that helps prevent these identity thefts. This service provides you with an email address and sends confirmation of any purchase to this account. You can then cancel the transaction if anything looks suspicious or out of place. This isn’t perfect, though; hackers have ways around this as well by intercepting emails heading towards your inbox, but it’s certainly better than nothing!

Car Computers are Vulnerable to Hacking

Modern cars are equipped with a computer that controls many of the important elements in a car. This includes brakes, engines, and other critical safety features. With today’s technology, hackers can break into this system from anywhere if they have access to an automobile’s software. Once inside, hackers could do many things, including disabling your breaks when you need them most or even driving your car remotely.

It has been shown that security in this industry is lacking. For example, a research team hacked into a car’s software and was able to take control of the engine through the computer. They demonstrated their hack by showing how they could turn off brakes just with an iPhone! This vulnerability can be prevented, but it requires better cyber-security from automakers themselves who have not done enough so far to prevent these types of attacks.

Employees aren’t trained well enough for Cybersecurity Breaches

One major problem in preventing cyber-attacks is education about what threats are out there and how employees should react if one happens at all. The automotive industry employs hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, many without technical backgrounds or training related to cybersecurity.

This is a huge problem because if something does happen, they’ll need to act fast and recognize the signs. For example, employees should know how to prevent phishing attacks on their computers or phones that attempt to steal sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers. If you are unsure of what this means, then it’s time for training! The best way for an organization’s security team to protect themselves against these types of threats is by knowing about them beforehand to take action before anything happens at all. Hackers aren’t afraid to attack big companies.

Hackers can use your Car to Spy on You

One of the biggest concerns from hacking into a car’s software is not necessarily what hackers could do, but rather who they will share information with. Hackers have been known to sell data and other personal information to make money off their victims. Through this data, it may be possible for hackers to track where someone goes or even listen in on private conversations inside an automobile! It would only take one major security breach like this for people worldwide to lose trust in self-driving cars entirely!

Hackers can Steal Information about where you Drive

In today’s world, there is more data than ever before available regarding our daily lives. Hackers know this too, which means that they can use all kinds of methods to extract valuable information through hacking computers on vehicles such as GPS units and cellular phones linked directly to a vehicle. Even without access to your GPS or phone, hackers could use the information on where you drive and sell it to third parties for monetary gain.

New Technology can be Hacked before its Release Date

The automotive industry quickly adopts new technologies that make vehicles more efficient and safer than ever before. Unfortunately, this means that they are also adopting vulnerabilities into their vehicles, making them vulnerable during development phases. Hackers know how important safety tests are in today’s age, so they will look for opportunities during software testing either by sending malicious emails posing as an employee of one of these companies asking for sensitive data or even hacking directly through the company itself! Although there have not been any reports about things like this happening yet, no system should be 100% safe until the day it is released to the public.

Hacking has already been used in other Industries

Although we do not hear about many cars being hacked, plenty has been in other industries. Even the largest and most reputable companies such as Apple and Google had had their systems compromised before by hackers who could steal important customer information. The automotive industry needs cybersecurity more than ever to avoid having a major incident that could potentially lead to injury or even death!

Cars need Cybersecurity because they’re Connected

Cybersecurity is needed because hackers may want to sabotage the automotive industry by attacking its digital infrastructure (such as traffic lights) and cause chaos on the roads. This is because cars are now connected and can communicate wirelessly; this connectivity could lead to hackers sending false information such as “red light ahead” or even hacking into the vehicle’s computer system.

Cybersecurity is a hot topic in the automotive industry. If you’re not taking cyber security seriously, your competitors might be, and they may steal your customers or, even worse – expose vulnerabilities that could cause an accident with catastrophic consequences. Use automotive cybersecurity companies to ensure that you are protecting yourself from hackers by investing in cybersecurity.