There are 2 types of Business you can do online. One is Service based and another is product base. Both the business need marketing because you need to reach to your customer for sales and growth.

Marketing requires experience and knowledge of advertising which brings high ROI. You can promote your business in multiple ways. Earlier people weren’t aware much about online purchase but after amazon, walmart and many MNC’s, it’s easier to buy product or any services online.

If you are running any product or service based company then this post will surely help you to increase your sales. In this post we tried to provide you best possible ways to promote your product based on own experience.

  • Take opinion of your Loyal Customers

Taking Customer Feedback is one of the best ways to know your customer’s requirements. By taking feedback Survey you can also make some changes on your product based on their need and suggestions. You can find a huge list of customer satisfaction Survey online there are many big companies which follow this method like McDonald, KFC, Dairy Queen and Wendy etc.

  • Run Affiliate Programs

If you are trying hard to make sales and that you don’t have the money to hire advertising or sales help, think about adding an affiliate program to your store. Online affiliate marketing programs empower other people to market your product for a commission. You’ll just have to pay them when they create a sale.

Affiliate programs normally function by producing a personalized URL for each individual promoting your services and products. They are able to share this link on societal media, in a site article reviewing your goods, and even in a YouTube video where they’re showing off it. During the custom links, you are going to have the ability to track who is driving earnings for you which means it is possible to compensate them.

  • Referral Marketing

Referral marketing, also called word of mouth promotion, is one of the earliest marketing methods around. Referral marketing is all about getting different folks to discuss your goods in a means that will drive sales and awareness.

Nowadays you can use the internet to drive even more referral advertising. Not only does it allow you to reach more folks, but the web also makes it Easier for different people to share your content–and that you track its impact.

  • Market Products on Instagram

Instagram has over 400 million active users along with its visual attention is excellent for encouraging services and products. Half of those users are on Instagram daily. Any brand will do well to share with you their services and products on this system.

There are lots of ways to use Instagram to publicize your store. You can share captivating pictures of your products, share a stop motion video of a number of one’s services and products for action, run a competition, or reach out into powerful Instagram accounts and ask them to talk about your merchandise.

  • Study your Competitors Tactics

To get an idea of Exactly What your competition is doing, Begin with an Web Hunt using the key words that describe your goods. This will discover a wealth of information that you could use to investigate both the current market and your competition for the merchandise.

  • Defined your Marketing Tools, channel and Promotion Methods

Competitor research not only provides insight in to your contest, in addition, it provides you a headstart on pinpointing the ideal product advertising approaches, programs, and also stations to you. After analyzing your contest’s sales and advertising campaigns, you are all set to craft an item promotion intend to overcome them in their match.

  • Seller Marketplace Listing

It’s possible to sell and list products as a third party seller on marketplace websites such as Amazon, wal mart , e bay, and Etsy, or various industry-specific seller market places. But, Amazon power-seller Chad Rubin prepares sellers who “there is certainly a major difference between selling their very own website versus a market place website.”

  • Host an Even online/Offline

Yet another way to get sales to your location is to sponsor a conference or a open house at your small business . Hosting an event is a superb way to have people emotionally into your business, making them more inclined to develop into an individual customer. Events do not have to be fancy and super organized; something as easy as a open house or an info session will do the job with areas such as salons, fitness centers, yoga studios, spas, and stores.

  • Take what your Competitors isn’t doing

Try something new. Be willing to neglect. Your competitors want to”play it safe” and do the identical kind of thing because they’re afraid they’ll lose their market standing rather than regain it.