When planning your company’s grand opening, you have to plan multiple strategies. To achieve success during the business launch, you need to keep in mind both your niche and target audience to ensure you attract the right people. Whether you’re advertising a gym or a hair salon, you want to make sure your grand opening is attended by potential customers. To maximize your exposure and guarantee a big number of visitors follow our easy guide.

Choose the Right Goal:
When working on Grand Opening ideas, make sure you stick to one of these goals:

  1. Generate brand awareness
  2. Stimulate customer buzz
  3. . Build relationships with the audience

The only way your business launch will be successful is if you have enough attendants, so the first step is attracting the right people by promoting your event.

How to Promote Grand Opening

Spread the word about your business opening or a reopening by following these easy tricks:

1.Eye-Catching X-Banner

Printed ads of larger formats are hard to miss. Advertise your event with a couple of banners to grab the attention of passersby. To maximize the effect, make it bright and attractive. Don’t forget to include the most important information such as your venue, date, time, and theme.

2. Send Out Postcards

A great way to attract more attention to a locally based business is sending out postcards to your friendly neighbors. No one will have an excuse to miss your opening party after receiving a personalized invitation by mail.

3. Promote Grand Opening with Leaflets

A lot of venues have a specific place dedicated to community events. You can ask around to distribute your leaflets in coffee shops and educational centers to spread the word about your business event. Custom design your leaflet or any other promotional product of your preference to make sure it stands out amongst other events.

4. Use Paid Social Media Advertising

Advertising a local event with social media has never been easier. Don’t forget to create a Facebook event page to share all the important information and details and start advertising! Make sure not to include remote neighborhoods as people who live too far from the venue are unlikely to visit your grand opening.

5. Offer Free or Discounted Products or Services

Depending on your business, you could offer samples of products or a trial of your services free of charge. People love freebies and will use the opportunity to get a sneak peak of your offer. And if they like your product, they will definitely come later to get a full version of it.

6. Organize a Contest or a Giveaway

Drive customer engagement by providing a strong incentive to attend your grand opening. Contests and giveaways is a great way to attract much-needed attention and motivate people to show up on the night of grand opening. Limit the number of prizes to make your contest look more urgent and stimulate participants even more.

7. How- to classes and Free Workshops

Teach your prospects a skill related to your business by organizing a free class or a workshop. If you are launching a gym, you can host a free HIT workout or give a lecture about benefits of fitness and diet. Don’t forget to distribute promotional materials after the workshop, so all people who interested in your business could check you out after the event.

8. Entertain Your Audience

The key to successful grand opening is fun and entertainment. Hire a local band, performers, artists, or any other professionals that are relevant to your industry. By making your event a big deal, you will definitely attract a wider audience. On the contrary, if your event is boring, everyone will associate your brand with something that is not worth their time.

9. Partner with an NGO or Charity

A great way to gain exposure is to partner up with local NGOs and small independent businesses. Decide what local non for profit organizations are relevant to your business and send them invitations to take part in your event. For them, it is an amazing chance to raise awareness, so they are likely to participate.

And most importantly, don’t forget to continue building professional relationships with these post grand opening ideas.

Successful grand opening is just a first step your business needs to make to achieve greatness.