The training course is a live and interactive training of 16 hours and offers the candidates with the technical expertise of handling the AWS platform. The course will teach the candidates how to select the correct AWS services for applications and other practical skills.

AWS by now has become one of the leading cloud platforms, leaving behind many of the other capable options such as Microsoft, and Google. Due to the continuous growth of the service provider, the demand for AWS has been also increasing by each passing year. To have a proper understanding of the platform and to make use of it properly, the AWS training program is highly useful. This has led to a number of professionals going for the AWS certified cloud practitioner course. The course has been known to offer a number of benefits to the individuals as well as to various organizations in gaining both reputations as well as profit.

What Can You Get Trained In?

So, what are the things that you can learn after having this certificate to your name? Here are some of the important things:

  • Understanding the global infrastructure and basic concepts about the AWS cloud,
  • Learning about the various services that one can have through AWS,
  • The architectural principles of the service provider,
  • Understanding the security aspects of the platform,
  • The understanding of the pricing, billing, and the account management of the platform,
  • Learning about various other documentation options such as white papers, and others.

Who Can take Up The Course?

The certification course can be taken up by individuals and professionals who wish to have expertise in the AWS cloud systems and have experience in such services. Some of the important individuals who should surely go for this course are sales personnel, project managers, legal personnel, scrum masters, business and marketing analysts, and also anyone who wish to enhance their knowledge in the system of cloud computing.

Curriculum Of The Certification Course

The course is divided into various segments and these are cloud computing fundamentals, AWS IAM fundamentals, AWS EC2, AWS VPC, AWS elastic load balancing, AWS cloud watch, AWS autoscaling, AWS S3, Database services, and AWS best practices.

Some of the important topics covered under each of the segments are introduction and fundamentals of AWS, principles, and credentials, creating AMIs, route tables, configurations of load balancing, monitoring cloud watch services, building applications, static web hosting, learning the database services, restoring snapshots, storage and migration practices, and so on.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Up This Certification Course?

A high number of companies today are looking forward to hiring candidates who are certified in different programs and one of them is the AWS cloud computing. Such a technique, of course, helps the companies in saving a good amount of money in training the employees. Also, there are various benefits that the company enjoys.

Today, a high number of clients before taking up the services ask whether the services of the company are professionally certified or not. In such a situation, companies do not take risks and often prefer to hire candidates who are professionally certified. Also, having a candidate certified in professional courses such as this one has its own benefits such as having a person who can troubleshoot critical situations, smooth operations of the industry, increased revenue, reduced costing, and many others that can help the company in a huge to avail both short term as well as long term goals.

Apart from the reason that companies prefer to hire candidates with certifications, there are some other reasons too that is motivating a wide number of individuals to take up this certification course.

The Gold Standard

As per recent research, AWS cloud computing has become the topmost option as it offers services that are much higher than many other known options such as Google cloud computing or the Azure. This has led to a drastic increase in the demand of the system and a wide number of organizations are making use of the services without having any doubt. So, when the demand for the cloud computing system has increased so much and is keeping on increasing, there cannot be any other better idea that to grab this opportunity.

Professional individuals have understood that fact that AWS computing is setting real gold standards and hence it is a great profit to have a certification course in this. This will make the individuals a perfect choice for the companies who are making use of the AWS cloud computing services. Normally, to save money, the companies will prefer to hire candidates with such certifications in place of setting up a camp to train up their own employees.

Much Within The Reach

Amazon has designed the certification course in such a way that is quite feasible for the candidates to get and is within reach of anyone who wishes to take up the course. It is not that you do not have to do anything and you will be awarded the certification, but it can be said that it is still much convenient than many other cloud computing services training. To take the certification course of AWS, you do not have to leave your existing job. Also, it is not that much expensive that you need to think and plan to get the certification course done. The course has three different tiers and these are the associate tier, the professional tier, and the specialty tier.

Under the associate tier, you can take up certification programs such as Certified Solutions Architect Associate, Certified Developer Associate, and Certified SysOps Administrator Associate. If you are choosing the professional tier, you can take up programs such as Certified Solutions Architect Professional, and DevOps Professional. Under the specialty tier, there are again many programs such as Security, Advanced Networking, and Big Data.

One of the most common programs that the professional indulge in is the Certified Solutions Architect Associate program. It is a great way to start up with the program. After you have completed the associate program, you can take up the tests of the professional tier.

Top Paying Course

As per Forbes in the year 2016, AWS certification course was ranked as one of the top money paying courses across the globe. The name still remains in the list. There is nothing else to say after having such a list in front of the eyes. As mentioned before, the demand for cloud computing services have much increased and companies are seeking to have the best options such as that of AWS. Just getting the service is not enough and hence they look forward to the professionals who are experts in understanding the system and working on it.

Due to increased demand for such professionals, there are so many such professionals who are taking up this course. Of course, this means that the certified course is capable of making your resume much stronger and hence you are one of the best choices of many of the renowned companies across the globe. When the demand for such professionals is so much, of course, the payout is also quite handsome and hence it is a profitable thing is to think of getting the certification course.

AWS certified cloud practitioner course has been high in demand now since last few years. The high capabilities of the AWS cloud computing have made it become one of the most demanding and favorite service providers for many of the organizations. This has made such organizations hire such candidates who are not only experienced in this field but are also certified in the segment. Also, the ease of achieving the certification and the much affordable cost has made it a great choice for the individuals who wish to make up a career in the field of cloud computing services.