A Guide For All Your iPhone X Repairing Needs


With the launch of Apple’s iPhone X back in 2017, the smartphone industry reached a new stage as this new launch took over the markets by storm. Flaunting a gorgeous OLED screen and abandoning the contemporary home screen button, iPhone X was perhaps one of the most awaited smartphones of the year. However, all tech devices are susceptible to damages and this iPhone model is no different. In fact, iPhone X, regardless of the hefty price tag it comes with, is one of the most fragile and damage-prone cell phones by Apple.

So what should you do if you have damaged your beloved iPhone X or are facing issues while using it? Going for an iPhone X repair is the best option in this case since the problems may escalate fast if you don’t get them fixed promptly, rendering your phone useless in some cases. You can take your iPhone to an official Apple repair store but bear in mind that having your phone repaired through them can be pretty expensive. Instead, you can opt for a reliable third-party repair shop to get the same work done at an affordable rate.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some common issues you might face in your iPhone X and how to go about having them fixed.

iPhone X Screen Repairs

Apple completely altered the domains of touchscreen markets as it introduced an organic LED display in iPhone X. However, this innovation comes with a fair share of issues such as screen freezing and burin-ins. Screen freezing refers to an unresponsive display while the device is in use while screen burn-in is the embedment of an image on the display if it remains on the screen for extended periods. A temporary fix to such problems is to restart your phone but for a permanent solution, we recommend that you take your device to a repair store so that such screen interruptions don’t bother you anymore.

Another common problem faced by any cell phone user is having a cracked and broken screen and obviously, iPhone X users are not free from this as well although Apple has advertised the display of this phone to be extremely tough. However, it comes as no surprise that this strong OLED display can shatter and break in case of a high-impact fall in which case you would need to have it replaced to prevent further damage to your phone.

iPhone X Battery Repair

Another common problem faced by iPhone users pertains to the battery and although Apple claims the battery of iPhones to last an entire day, battery-related issues such as a short battery life, performance, and capacity are a major concern for iPhone X users.

iPhones, just like most other smartphones, house lithium-ion based batteries that are much more efficient than other battery types. However, the capacity of these batteries degrade with use and after a certain period of use, they need to be replaced as they can’t store and provide enough charge to the device. This period is of use is termed as the battery life and as it approaches its end, it’s imperative to have the battery replaced for normal use.

However, you can take up some measures to improve your battery usage and make it last for longer. This involves turning off unnecessary features and background app activity as well as regulating the temperature of your iPhone X device. Keep in mind that you would still need to have the battery replaced once it reaches its battery life.

iPhone X Camera Repair

The camera is an important feature of cell phones and so it’s understood if you feel annoyed when it stops working fine. The front camera of an iPhone X is pretty good at what it does but many users have complained that the Face ID does not work properly at times. Some people have also reported that it doesn’t work at all, in which case you can take your device to a repair service and have the issue inspected. They will troubleshoot the problem to see if it is caused by a hardware or software fault and in the worst-case scenario, the camera unit will need to be replaced so that it can recognize your appearance without any troubles. You can also face similar problems with the rear camera unit so it is suggested to take your device to a repairing store to have the issues rectified.

That’s not all. People have reported several other hardware and software problems like crackling speakers, call dropping and unresponsive buttons amongst many others. So if you’re facing any of these issues (or more), it’s a good idea to have your iPhone X assessed by a trustworthy repairing service and have the issues fixed.