Image via Flickr by thewikiman

Many business expenses are unavoidable, but you shouldn’t feel limited by the places you can shop for the best prices on services you want to incorporate into your business workflow. Learn about four affordable services that can save you money and help your business run more efficiently.

Graphic Design and Presentation Tools From Canva

All businesses have graphic design needs, whether those needs include adding graphics to a blog post or creating presentations for clients. Canva is an online graphic design tool that can help you build graphics and presentations through a free drag-and-drop wizard. Canva is easy to use, and you can add up to 10 team members for your business for free.

Many photos on Canva cost $1, and you can find more than 8,000 templates from which to choose. Canva is an affordable service that can help your company with graphic design without the need to hire an in-house designer or a freelancer. The basic service is free, but you can upgrade your account to a monthly subscriber for more features, such as a set color palette for your brand, custom fonts, and priority customer service support.

Cloud Access Security Tools

Physical servers used to be standard for businesses, but cloud computing has revolutionized the way that businesses run applications and store data. Employees can now collaborate on projects in real time and access their work from any location while they work with information in the cloud.

The only problem with cloud computing is the increased risk of security breaches and more complex disaster recovery protocols. If you intend to give employees cloud access, you need to use data security tools, such as a cloud access security broker (CASB), two-factor authentication, and encryption to ensure your business information stays secure.

This is extra important because research shows that most data breaches are caused by human error. Since the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, with any device, and at any time, employees are more prone to cause a breach.

Accounting Software From Intuit QuickBooks

One of the largest reasons businesses can fail is poor money management, especially in the early stages of a business. Choose reliable accounting software and keep detailed records of all profits and expenses.

Intuit QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting tools because the software is easy to use and affordable. Service plans start as low as $10 per month, and all accounts come with mobile accounting services. If you need an affordable way to manage expenses, QuickBooks offers a robust solution.

Marketing Automation Tools From Constant Contact

Marketing is essential to growing a business, and several marketing automation tools exist to help you simplify the process of scheduling emails, managing content, and tracking customers in your marketing funnel. One of the most affordable options for marketing automation is Constant Contact. This platform offers basic email marketing automation with easy-to-use features. You can choose from existing emailer templates or create your own. Some marketing automation tools cost more than $2,000 per month, but Constant Contact starts at only $20 per month.

The examples above are only a few of the affordable services that you can incorporate into your business. Make sure that you compare the cost and features of all services before adding them to your workflow.