All the Benefits of Board Portal Software for Crown Agencies


It feels like every day, the headlines contain new stories of companies and even political parties getting hacked. Naturally, organizations are looking for technology that will keep their communications secure. Thankfully there is board portal technology, which not only keeps communications secure but streamlined.

For institutions like Crown Agencies which have a broad public mandate, this is the perfect technology. Let’s look at the different ways this technology meets the needs of Crown Agencies.

Communications, Simplified

Board portal technology makes it easy to communicate in a single, centralized platform, whichhelps Crown Agencies achieve their mandate for better governance.

Nobody will have to flip through old emails or text messages to look for correspondence because all communication is in one place. Since this software is cloud-based, directors are able to use it on whatever device they prefer.

Board portal software facilitates comprehensive digital collaboration for people who may live in different geographic regions. It makes it easy to share and annotate documents, so directors can ask questions, provide feedback, and issue votes to quickly and efficiently make decisions even outside of a board meeting. This technology also makes it easy to see who has and has not read certain material.

You can click here to learn more about how Crown corporations rely on this technology to ensure their decision makers get the information they need quickly and efficiently to help them succeed in their mandate for transparency and openness.

Total Security

Naturally Crown agencies have a need for transparency because they’re answerable to the public, but this also means that communications must remain confidential.

Look for board portal software that uses advanced encryption algorithms. All the servers used to store information must comply with independent third-party requirements for security certifications. This prevents malicious actors from getting inside your system. Plus, every single log in must be authenticated, so checking that the only people who have accessed the system were in fact meant to have access is easy.

The cloud-based nature of the software means that if your agency-issued device goes missing, it’s easy to wipe the data remotely, preventing a potential data breach. On the flip side, if you don’t have your device but need full access to important information before a meeting, it’s easy to log in from any tablet, smart phone, laptop, or whatever device you prefer. This means that the Crown agency will not only keep their communications secure, but will not experience any operational interruption.

Simple and Usable Design

You don’t need to be a technology guru to get the most from this software because board portal technology is designed to be easy for anybody to use on whichever device they prefer.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the full experience of software on an app, because there’s no mouse or full keyboard. Board portal software features already familiar finger-tapping and drag-and-drop techniques found on tablets and smartphones.

Concern over security is understandable amid a climate of data hacks, and so is the desire for technology that simply performs important functions well. No wonder board portal software is so popular now among Crown corporations.