All You Need to Know Before Becoming an Expat in Australia

expat in Australia

Travelling to a distant land that offers more opportunities than your own country is a phenomenon that’s as old as the civilization itself. However, if there’s a goal behind your travel, then just traveling to the place and hoping that you’ll be able to ‘wing it’ is not the smartest course of action out there. Instead, you should devise a plan and act on it. Seeing as how every country has its own specific customs, laws, regulations, and practices, you need to prepare a specific plan for your next such adventure. That being said, here is all you need to know before becoming an expat in Australia.

1.     Preparing for the difference in prices

Chances are that the reasons behind your move are related to your finances. Nonetheless, the average salary is not the only thing that is substantially bigger in Australia, the prices are, as well. To check this and compare it to your home country, you should use the Big Mac Index, which is the unofficial tool for comparing the PPP (purchasing power parity). This is here only to give you an idea of what the difference looks like. It’s still smarter to go one item at the time and try to accurately predict your income and expenses in Australia.

2.     Come prepared

Now, this particular piece of advice is not Australia-exclusive, seeing as how it’s a tip that you need to adhere to when moving to any region on the globe. Namely, even if you find an employment fresh off the boat, it will still take some time until you receive your first salary. This means that you need to have at least 6-8 weeks of rent money, prior to the move, as well as some side cash. Unfortunately, this is the hard part, seeing as how Australia is pretty high on the above-discussed PPP index.

3.     Starting a business in Australia

Some immigrants have larger ambitions, which means that, at one point, they aim to start a business in Australia. This can be quite troublesome, especially when you consider the issue of taxes and repatriation of profits. Here, you need to make sure that you’re informed from all the right channels. The first stop should definitely be the Australian Taxation Office. It would probably be even better to find a reliable local accountant that you can consult.

4.     Work out the issue of visa

Lastly, as a foreigner, you’ll probably visit Australia on a visa and there are several different circumstances under which this can take place. First of all, there’s a working holiday visa, which is probably the simplest way for one to get a work visa in Australia. Even though this visa is fairly easy to get and it allows you to stay in Australia for 12 to 24 months, it also has one significant downside – it requires the applicant to be younger than 31.

Aside from that, you could also apply for a notorious 457 Visa, which is a temporary work visa for individuals skilled in professions that are in high demand in Australia. The way in which you enter the country might have a huge impact in the future. It’s also by far the best if this solicitor could be from the state/territory that you plan to live in. So, for instance, if you aim to move to the NSW, you should probably look for immigration solicitors in Sydney, rather than anywhere else.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, becoming an expat in Australia is an incredibly lucrative idea, provided that you have the means and an opportunity to execute this idea in a proper way. Getting there legally and ensuring that every single dollar you earn comes from the legal means is the first prerequisite to making this happen. Remember, both stability and reliability require a solid foundation and this is the only way to achieve it.