What does Amplience do?


Amplience, is a novel content platform that creates engrossing media thereby enhancing the customer betrothment. Employing Adaptive Media Platform (AMP) that helps in non-technical marketing and the retail teams that work to their potential thereby creating several campaigns at the same time by the use of one integrated platform.


Several top-notch retail stores like Marks and Spencer and some of the firms like the Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs with the help of Amplience create their digital media. With several platform solutions that range from video marketing, catalogues online, campaign management etc. Amplience helps create several novel media campaigns and thereby in the process save around 90% of production costs of the media.


How much Amplience was funded?


Amplience has closed $10.5 million in Series B funding primarily form Octopus Investments and supported ably by Silicon Valley Bank and North Star Ventures.


Previous funding:

Silicon Valley Bank has previously funded $1.4 million on the 17th march 2014.

Much earlier both North Star ventures and Octopus investments have invested around$5.7 million on June 30th 2013.

Octopus investments had invested around $1.6 million on February 22nd 2011.


What is next for Amplience?


According to the CEO James Brooke the aim of the company is to increase the compliance of the customer and the ease of using it to the retailers is the main one.

According to the investors the growth of Amplience particularly in the northern hemisphere has been quite impressive and are excited to be part of the venture during the company’s ambitious expansion plans to more regions.


More about Amplience:


Headquartered in New York and founded in 2008, Amplience has grown leaps and bounds by providing rich content to some of the famous retailers like the Marks and Spencer and Tesco etc. With revenues increasing by more than 60% and expansion into northern America and Northern European Markets it has proved its mettle and by also taking to provide rich content to social media platforms and ecommerce giants the future of Amplience looks promising.