A person working a regular job often dreams of opening his own company and getting freedom from the binding constraints of working for someone else. However, it is an entrepreneur who knows how difficult it is to start a business from scratch. In today’s world, entrepreneurs not only have to build brands for their products and services, but they also need to develop a complete digital marketing strategy for promotion. Since most people search online when buying a product or availing a service, it is imperative for businesses to have an online presence today. SEO, in such a situation, not only helps to increase a company’s online visibility, but it also presents it to the audience when they look for relevant products or services.

Many businesses take advantage of paid advertising, but for an entrepreneur, cash is always in short supply when he is starting off. So a better alternative for him would be to promote his company and its brand organically through the website. That is why every SEO campaign requires a well-designed and user-friendly website that provides correct information, answers user inquiries and offers safe and smooth transactions. When an already well-built site is optimized, using the latest practices, it inevitably climbs on top of the SERPs.

Let me help you with some crucial aspects of SEO for entrepreneurs. These will be different from optimization tactics for established corporations. If you want to get your website optimized under your own supervision, you need to understand the slightly technical aspects. However, an entrepreneur in Miami area, for example, also could entrust this work to a good Miami SEO company. Even so, a basic understanding would always help.


Content is the first thing that you need to think about after building your site. Your website will not only command better rankings but will also hold the interest of the visitors and encourage them to fulfill some actions including making a few transactions. However, if the text and graphics on the website do not provide the visitor the answers he is looking for or the solutions he is seeking, he would leave and probably not return. Lots of text thrown at the visitor without segmentation and useful subheads will only manage to confuse and bore him/her. Just to get the attention of a search engine, it is not wise to keep on repeating the keywords that you are aiming to optimize for, and keywords should occur naturally in the flow of the content. Apart from text, the site should also include engaging blogs, relevant third party external links and push notifications to encourage the visitor to navigate and transact on the website.

Anchor Text

A relevant anchor text which has actual relevance to the text would help get better ranks because the algorithms also call for it. Anchor text is the clickable text in blue underline which occurs inside the webpage text. The anchor text is usually of three to four words, and it should ideally continue the sentence it is part of, instead of a detached word or phrase like ‘click here’ or ‘page.’ The anchor text in a webpage will be counterproductive if it contains the URL of the same page. Again, anchor texts with no relation to the subject of the webpage would not serve any purpose and even invite penalty from search engines.


A simple layout for a webpage would make it easier for the visitor to travel to different parts of the webpage. Not only that, it has SEO advantages too if a webpage uses mostly text to help the visitor navigate, instead of drop-down menus or even animation.

SEO Friendly URLs

Teams creating web pages can sometimes get lazy and name a page as www.xyz.com/page1.html instead of specifying directories and files like www.xyz.com/aboutus/headquarters.html. A proper directory and file structure for each of the pages would make it easier for the search engine to crawl across the website and find matches.


Just like pages, image files should have reasonably descriptive filenames instead of image23, pic1 and so on. Each image used on the website has HTML code as well as an attribute called alt. Both of these should be related to the subject of the site. If the images do not show up for some reason, it may be the result of poor optimization.

These are just some aspects of a webpage which a developer or designer would need to take care of, and it is good for an entrepreneur also to know these basics so that he/she can make sure that the webpage is being built correctly. However, as mentioned earlier, an entrepreneur has less inadequate resources and less money at the start, so he/she would always be trying to make the best of his/her time and fit everything into those 24 hours.

Wrapping with some additional tips

In light of what we have discussed above, it is also advisable to not attempt to do everything on your own. SEO, on the face of it, is a simple concept, but it actually involves several technical aspects. With the increasing number of parameters being added to the algorithms of search engines today, entrepreneurs should utilize their time better than trying to stay on top of those algorithms by reading up on them. A basic understanding of SEO concepts, as outlined above, would suffice. However, for actually doing the optimization, it is ideal to rely on experts.

The SEO team that is hired by the entrepreneur will work on all aspects of his/her digital marketing strategy, and give him/her insights into best practices of the other clients. That can leave the entrepreneur with more time to grow his/her business, take care of existing clients and add new ones.

Author Bio: Lamont Wheeler runs a Miami SEO Company, with a particular focus on startups and entrepreneurs. He has years of experience in optimizing the digital marketing efforts of companies and uses his expertise to advise entrepreneurs.