Over 80% of the world’s mobile devices work on an Android platform. Game developers for Android can reach over a billion users with easy to install apps. They can exploit Android’s open source opportunity that encourages creative freedom and innovation.

According to The Guardian, U.S. gamers spend 51.8 hours per day on Android games. They eat up the features of Android apps. Developers find a quicker and wider install for the huge Android device market. And, users like the quick and accessible availability through Google and Amazon.

3 games that are taking users by storm:

  1. Machines at War 3 — Developed by Isotope 244, Machines at War 3 is a strategy game with a future feel. You choose among several options.
  • Campaign has 20 mission levels where you pursue objectives.
  • Skirmish opens complex landscapes and difficulties and lets you play for just a few minutes.
  • Multiplayer mode invites other players to compete for supremacy.

It’s your task to raise money, capture resources, and generate power to fund an army. You must accumulate and strengthen the units necessary for effective tactics on the battlefield. As a leader, you must pursue the disappearance of a group of super scientists. Their research lab has been trashed and their data stolen. Your job is to find them and their research data and to staff and deploy your troops to wipe out enemies.

  1. Oil Rush: 3D Naval Strategy — This RTS has stunning 3D visuals. Water effects are extraordinary, and battles are massive and threatening. BenchmarkRevies.com calls the game, “A spectacular new mobile experience.”

The game happens in a post-nuclear world where the melting ice caps have changed the planet. Players strive for group control and alliances able to make and execute global decisions. It leads to a war at sea among fierce enemies after the last oil on earth. It’s a dark, mechanistic, and wet world.

You’ll travel through submerged cities, canyons, and jungles. Vivid enemies attack in massive numbers. Multiple levels let you save a hero, defend a location, retrieve oil, and rescue friends. You have an inventory of weapons available to win your objectives and battles accompanied by strong audio.

  1. Final Fantasy 15 —The Pocket Edition of this acclaimed RTS standard. GameZebo notes the challenge in “reducing” a large game like Final Fantasy 15 to a mobile platform, “With Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, the company has devised a pretty ingenious solution, keeping the story and the gist of the gameplay intact while streamlining or eliminating other parts of Final Fantasy XV as needed.”

Noctis still rules, seeking to build team strength with his companions. Taps and prompts manipulate them and their individual strengths. Noctis becomes king when his father is killed, but he must visit the sites where previous kings are buried so he can secure their respective powers to battle with the Empire.

The graphics and sound track are exceptional, but the scope and depth of some landscapes and battles are understandably reduced from the 100-hour version. Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition offers its first chapter for free, but each chapter leaves you with a cliffhanger driving you to purchase the next one.

Android users are cheering 

With Android devices in more hands than other platforms, gamers are cheering to find engaging and exciting games. Easily located and installed, each new Android game raises the bar on performance and fun.