Animated Infographics – Plane And Curious Method of Informing


Providing information in a visualized form is more easily perceived and remembered – this is no longer a secret, and marketing pros actively use that special feature. The viewer perceives such a flow in full.

With the development of IT, humanity is getting more and more opportunities to collect and perform information in graphical form quickly and efficiently, 90% of which a person perceives and remembers, based on visual perception. Therefore, one of the most popular forms of disseminating ideas with the help of visual images is infographics.

The popularity of animated infographics – shortened video stories created with the help of various types of animation, is growing steadily. The main task of infographics is informing. The design is only a means to convey it, but it is the combination of the plot with the means of its visual transmission that can work wonders.

What Is the Main Infographic’s Goal?

This is the improvement of the information perception by common people, the disclosure of complex information in simple and clear images, as well as the transfer of data in a compact and interesting message that looks more interesting than just printed text.

Infographics are constantly being improved. A few years ago we saw only print and static infographics. Now the Internet has given new opportunities for the development of technology impact of infographics on humans – it is becoming not only static, but also animated and even interactive.

Animated infographics are a combination of illustration, data visualization and dynamic text. Now on the Internet you can often find propaganda videos created on the basis of infographics.

Animated infographics can be of two basic types: either it turns the presentation of the data into a consistent story (and the right script turns the boring, dry, data-filled presentation into a really fascinating story that the audience will be intrigued with), or beautifully illustratively tells a certain story.

Where Is Infographics Applied?

Infographics is not a new invention, but it is an interesting tool that can have a big impact on modern communication. Application areas are wide enough. It is actively used in various areas from creating entertainment media content to scientific presentations or business promotion.

Now infographics is found almost everywhere: in online publications, ads, presentations also. This is the best tool for working with the presentation of quantitative data, such as various surveys and studies. They often need an implementation that would resonate with viewers. An implementation that looked better than just a well-executed survey, presented in dry numbers.

Infographics is the one that performs such tasks most successfully.

Weighty plus of animated infographics – in its interesting presentation. This is a real playtime while operating and combining actual data and graphic elements for their presentation: a combination of bright visual images, plot and accurate information creates a memorable image in the viewer’s brain, and this is a guarantee that you and your product will evoke positive emotions that are associated in memory with viewing animated infographics.