Apps for college students

Smart phones and their apps are not just for fun and entertainment, they also play a good role in your education. This is especially true in case of college going students. There are many app which will make your college life a lot easier. If you want to know how then you must download and try these best android college apps.

  1. Chegg- Textbooks are an important part of your education and they are the costly part of your education too. Students usually depend on the professor’s decision about the number of books need to be referred and at times they ask for the editions which are used rarely or never at all. It is quite troubling for students, but with the Chegg app you can drive away all these worries. This app is great for students who want to rent or buy books for less amount. You can tap into their library that has more than 2.5 million books, access to rented textbooks and e-textbooks in 7 days along with the chance to read them on your android phone. What is great is this app is free.
  2. com- this is a free app which comes in very handy when you read and write. You can look up for words here as it offers in total English and Thesaurus for synonyms, antonyms and definitions for more than two millions words. It even offers idioms, phrase, origins of the word  and audio pronunciations also.
  3. EasyBib- Another free college app from android. Writing term papers can be hard and what complicates it even more is bibliography. Students must maintain a track of the all used references,
  4. make sure the citations are in the right format and a lot more things. But, with EasyBib you can make this entire process easy. Use this app to scan the bar codes from the books you refer and it will get auto filled. All you need to do is track things and email the details to yourself.
  5. Easy voice recorder- it is very hard to concentrate in class on what the professor is teaching and take down notes at the same time and if your professor talks fast, you will definitely have a hard time catching up. But, with easy voice recorder you can take notes in an easy way by recording lectures and listen to them later. Just download this free app in your smart phone and it is like having a recorded in your hand.
  6. Evernote- There is no better app, when the question is about taking notes. This popular free app is a must have for college students. It is not just a note taking app, you can use it to make sketches, organize your class notes, save web pages and do lots of other stuff. All that a user does will be synced to their account and it can be  accessed  it from anywhere. With this app you will never fear losing  notes taken again.