Most of the people these days make use of an antivirus solution in order to protect their personal computer and identity on the internet. However, they do not know if the antivirus program that they are using is actually safe to be used and is doing what is supposed to do, that is, protecting the system against unwanted viruses and malware.

If you are someone who is concerned with the same issue, do not wait until it is too late and you fall prey to viruses and other cyber threats. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that you can use to ensure that the antivirus program is actually working. Once you make use of the ways described to test, you will know, is Total AV safe to use on your personal computer.

Ways to Confirm the Safety of Antivirus Solution Being Used

1.EICAR File

EICAR is an excellent way to check if the antivirus solution is actually working. EICAR contains a non-malicious file having a particular string of text in it. However, it is important to remember that EICAR file, by itself is not a virus. But you can create one by copying the below text into the file. To create an EICAR file, copy the string into a blank notepad file and save the file.


And as it is just a text file, it does not cause any harm to your computer. You can copy and paste the above string, without being worried about your data getting corrupted. Once the file is saved, it will automatically get deleted or quarantined, if your Total AV antivirus is working properly. And if the file is not detected by the antivirus program, it means that is not working as required.


EICAR is a text file that all antivirus program is taught to be considered as bad. However, what happens when an actual malicious program tries to harm your computer?

The SpyShelter Tool is a kind of data logger that keeps a track of your keyboard inputs, computer clipboard and webcam feed. It does not cause any harm to your data. However, by downloading this tool, you can check if the antivirus program is actually able to detect the tool.

By doing so, you will be able to find out if the antivirus program that you are using is really safe to use and whether or not, it will be able to safeguard your personal computer from malicious programs, designed to attack your computer systems.


AMTSO comes with a good variety of test that you can make use of, in order to check the authenticity of the antivirus solution that you are using and verify if there are any kind of gaps in your PC’s defense line.

Like previously said, these tests are only meant to check the ability of the antivirus solution that you are using and does not cause any kind of harm to the system. The test provided by AMTSO includes phishing site detection, unwanted application safety and drive by protection. You can use all of them to see if the antivirus solution fails at something.

If the antivirus program does fail to detect, it will let you know how you can fix the problem. It is an excellent way to put your antivirus software to the actual test and see if it is working the way it is supposed to.


Attackers are always on the lookout to see if there are any ports open your personal computer. If they determine that there is one, they try to create a connection with the open port and insert different malware and viruses on your computer system.

ShieldsUP helps to find out such open ports and tells you if the antivirus program you are using is actually safe to be used.