Automate Your Email Marketing using ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail is a leading edge among the digitalized email marketplace. Entitled with many clients and it is developing day-by-day around many businesses from small startups to the corporate agencies.

It is founded in 2004. With a support from RealCommerce group, they started a project and now withstanding as a multi-channel email provider, and as a leading and advanced marketing interface. With many attachments from the big countries like the USA, Germany, Israel, Latin America, France, ActiveTrail confronts and generate business in any size and shape around the world. Eventually, they grabbed huge bonding between a majority of their clients.

Automate the business with the one-stop-shop Active Trail:

The team in Active Trail are excited to provide the most superior marketing techniques to furnish the needs and responsibilities, ultimately leading a

great result with a profitable budget in return.

Whatever the target is, even if it is to send thousands of emails to the customers every month or daily, this software is allowed to deliver the service most professionally and personally with a dedicated interest and working environment.

Without any obstacles in between, the emails will be delivered directly to the client’s inbox, no matter how depth the message is. This is possible with the ISPs(Internet Service Provider) which they usually deal with.

They provide different types of services and features, a few are listed below.

  1. Email Marketing Software

Their Email Marketing Software provides a cloud-based, user-friendly, multilingual email campaigning. It allows creating email campaigns and professional newsletter in a few minutes. Many templates are available here, from that choose the one that is best suitable, start to campaign the business. Analyze the time duration in sending the emails to the subscribers and plan accordingly.

This software allows editing of email bodies, subjects, images. ActiveTrail’s A/B testing feature enables to check which version is best suitable and convenient for the described data. It adds a few specialized and automated, predesigned templates and are allowed to edit. Animations and Pop-up forms are also included in it that makes the user work simple and effective.


  1. Marketing Automation

Automation itself describe the complete action they provide for making the work simplified. It allows automating daily emailing system and other services like SMS campaigns and surveys to maximize the results and build a beautiful relationship with the clients. It makes segments of the mail lists into different categories and automatically pushes the respective message to the filtered and dynamic groups.

It allows leveraging the customer behavior on the landing page and website by implementing a strategy called AtiveTrail Smart Pixel that allows triggering the responses within the events with personalized customer-based experiences. Based on the customer interaction over their journey, analyze and automate the emails, SMS, and messages using this great and flexible software. On a clean “canvas”, using visual autoresponders visualize the displays through the funnel.


  1. Online Surveys

Reinforce the bond with the well-known clients with ActiveTrail’s software. Become acquainted with the gathering of people better by making and posting overviews on the Internet by employing this software. This learning is appropriated to enhance the product/service. Try using online survey software to send consumer opinion surveys or in-depth market surveys, as best fits the needs to send customer feeling studies or inside and out the market. Endeavor to convey the Net Promoter Score question to quantify client faithfulness towards the business or product/service.

With ActiveTrail email marketing software, it is made easy to design the reviews or surveys to coordinate the logo, browse an expansive rundown of inquiries, convey the studies through email or instant messages and incorporate them in automation.


  1. Integration

ActiveTrail offers compositions of alternatives that disentangle the records of computerized promoters, that includes integration with PayPal, Facebook Lead Ads for fast purchasing enabling clients to information exchange to the newsletter specifically the Salesforce integration, a WordPress interface to merge contacts with ActiveTrail, and other related integrations.

It permits to make one’s own particular integrations with the natural Restful API or interface by using the integration of Zapier, which makes interaction with about any outsider framework without writing any code.

The other unique email marketing features are :

  1. Triggers are the first and most critical advance to finish marketing automation. There is an eternal number of activities that can be done through triggers, as far as possible is a creative energy. A portion of these activities include:
  • Adding the customer to another mailing list.
  • Moving the customer starting with one list then onto the next.
  • Erasing a customer from a specific mailing list.
  • Sending a subsequent email to the customer.
  • Sending the customer’s data to a business delegate.
  • Dynamic triggers

No promoting design is finished without the automated triggers!

Experiment with ActiveTrail’s top-notch triggers framework to meet the needs at the right time.

  1. The subscribers, leads, all those to whom to deliver email content, and to those who agreed to support and accept such content. These are known as the contacts and are the sole most valuable asset to the techniques of email marketing, or rather, any digital marketing effort.  Without them, the newsletters, campaigns cannot be transferred. Consequently, managing these contacts, the information that is known about them and the contacts list to send specific mailings, is of absolute importance. There is no bother, however, ActiveTrail a complete set of advanced, and the manageable use of contact management toolset is available.


  1. Words usually can’t do a picture justice, and a decent one is exactly what the campaign needs. Utilizing ActiveTrail’s propelled picture editorial manager it is anything but difficult to avoid the expert graphics designer and do it effectively.


The image editor is united into the editor and allows effortless image editing using the ActiveBuilder. It allows cropping images, re-scaling, fixing red eyes, and more.


  1. Everybody cherishes praising exceptional occasions, for example, birthday events and anniversaries, taking each risk they get the opportunity to stray from the standard and have a great time. Such occasions are an awesome open door for any business to demonstrate to its clients that it thinks about them and set up a more close to a home connection. Using ActiveTrail is made innovative and distinct to send birthday wishes and messages.


  1. User permission is taken as their sole interest in delivering the messages to the customers within a wide range of interests. ActiveTrail is allowed to get permissions and enable the connection between necessary contacts.


  1. With international anti-spam regulations in ActiveTrail software which include double opt-in option and other relative tools that are preferred to ensure compliance. Mail removal from the list, CAN-SPAM footer, and other legal information is included in this software.


  1. ActiveTrail personalization tool allows to easily and dynamically modify the content, subject lines, and indeed images, for specific recipient or collection of recipients. No programmer, developers are needed to create these posts,  personalization of campaigns is made easy.


  1. For keeping in contact with the customers, RSS campaigns are provided with the best method. It allows offering without any lateral efforts. The campaigns are also made to run during the automatic updating of the website or blog with new and latest updates.


  1. The goal in dealing with the email marketing has a value. But it never restricts having some fun with the emails. Creating campaigns in the subscriber’s mailboxes by including emojis and smilies to their subject lines is possible with ActiveTrail software.


  1. ActiveTrail is meant totally to deliver the email directly to the subscriber’s inbox, not to the SPAM folder. For that ActiveTrail have an advanced system that performs extensive tests and reviews each campaign automatically. They provide certain delivery standards like DomainKeys, SPF, DKIM to ensure recognition as a service provider.



Their pricing list starts from $7 to $38 which gives unlimited emails and limitations of 500 to 5000 contacts respectively. They also provide email packages and SMS packages that can be chosen according to the necessity. Their monthly subscription includes access to all the features.


To be clear in a decision to purchase Email Marketing Software is important not only to evaluate how experts reviewed, found the companies and real people that actually provide satisfaction with the product. That’s where ActiveTrail designed the behavior-based Algorithm on Customer Satisfaction that collects customer reviews, comments across many social media platforms. All their data is easy to digest and many people had a positive experience with ActiveTrail. With any review, ActiveTrail management is responsible for making the utmost changes that concur the user’s demand.