Automation of HR processes: Challenges and Solutions


The automation of all operations is crucial to the growth of both large and small companies. Cloud solutions implemented in the work of a company in any industry, from retail to healthcare, help automate all processes and enhance performance and efficiency immensely.

The HR department is an area that requires a significant amount of resources 一 that’s why it is so important to automate the HR sphere. The automation not only saves finances but also helps to collect analytics for decision-making in personnel management, saves time, reduces employee turnover, improves communication between employees, bolstering their loyalty and involvement, all of which contribute to the company’s success and attractiveness on the market.

The HR processes that should be automated to attain high efficiency are the following:

– Time and attendance monitoring

– Employee leave request

– E-mail notifications

– Helpdesk support

– Data aggregation

– Payroll

Software Solutions to Tackle HR Issues

According to researches, the most common challenges faced by HR specialists are time off and leave management, employee involvement and training, and candidate recruitment. The Emerline company probed deeper into these issues and offered the strategies to deal with them.

Time Off & Leave Management

So far, HR specialists manually process large amounts of information regarding leave and time-off requests, which is definitely complicated and time-consuming. Moreover, the human factor can often result in mistakes and inaccuracies. With automation, HR departments will be able to save time on contacting employees and more efficiently maintain and handle employee records. 

You can achieve this efficiency with LES, a cloud-based solution to manage employees. LES includes three features (Address Book, Leave Request, Desk Booking) that allow:

  • Finding coworkers and contact information about them.
  • Submitting requests for time off and keeping records on any sort of leave.
  • Booking desks, rooms, or locations for those employees who combine remote and office work.

The LES platform, being cloud-based, can be accessed by any employee at any time from anywhere, which makes HR leave management faster and records more structured and consistent.

Employee involvement and training

When the world went online, companies had to adjust their internal workflows to the new reality to operate as efficiently as they had before the pandemic. The majority of operations, such as team collaboration, employee training, onboarding, social event notifications, and so on, are now carried out online via cloud-based software solutions.

One of the solutions, designed to enhance the HR working processes is Espresa. Espresa is a web platform that includes 6 modules aimed at:

  • Organizing virtual employee meetings, meetups, office hour slots, multi-track events, and creating fitness programs. 
  • Creating and sustaining both formal and informal groups connecting employees in the online world. 
  • Creating and managing reimbursements programs for employees, regardless of where they work or what currency they use.
  • Rewarding employees for their engagement in or the promotion of your company’s activities.
  • Delivering onsite and offsite classes for employees.
  • Recognizing the employees’ accomplishments. 

Employee Recruitment

The process of finding and recruiting new employees has always been complicated and required much effort. As this multi-step process is ongoing, it requires the automation of routine, time-consuming activities. 

You can automate recruiting management tasks with ATS, a software solution for HR departments designed to maintain a unified candidate database and automate the workflow. ATS allows HR specialists to:

  • Obtain incoming open vacancies from the heads of departments placed in the internal system and proceed with the search for potential candidates.
  • Maintain a centralized database of candidates so that information about them may be accessed quickly and easily. 
  • Update information about candidates both manually and automatically. 

If you are interested in these solutions and want to implement one in your organization, contact Emerline, a trusted software partner with extensive experience in software development. 

Emerline experts are always ready to answer your questions, assist you in choosing the best solution for your company’s needs, and promptly implement it in your working processes.