All the Basics on MintVine You should Know About

Not many people have heard the name MintVine before, but it’s a name that is gaining popularity day by day, and this trend is sure to continue. In a matter of only 4 years they have amassed more than a million members – and that number is constantly growing. It’s not surprising; the marketing research company offers many solutions, both to companies and individuals. So what exactly is MintVine? What do they do exactly, and what might be the advantages to you? Here are the basics on MintVine you should know about.

What’s MintVine?

MintVine is a research company and earns its money by sharing data to its customers about the opinion of its members. Good news: it pays its users to take a survey, so it’s really an advantage for all concerned. It runs a bright and colorful website, and the information they provide about their services (and product – which is information) is quite straightforward and explanatory. There’s quite a famous marketing research firm running it, and it’s a member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research) which is a very good sign.

Easy and free sign-up

Anyone can sign up for free, as long as you’re over 13 years old. You only need to provide the basic information – country, age, phone number and zip code; and that’s all. You immediately get 200 points for free as soon as you sign up (after confirming your email address), which can be redeemed in financial terms later on.

Getting paid for surveys

You get about $9.70 per 1000 points that you earn (depending on the exchange rate). Though you get 200 points right away, the rest takes some time to accumulate. However, once the funds are gathered, you have the option to have the money transferred to your PayPal account or to have it redeemed as a gift card.

Great opportunities

There are other ways of making money – you will receive a referral fee once one of your friends signs up upon your recommendation. In fact, with the MVP referral program, you can earn up to 15% of all points (and hence money) that the new member earns.

The great thing about MintVine is that it is legitimate, as confirmed by our MintVine review – you can indeed make money just by spending your time taking surveys and giving your opinion about certain things. It’s a real gig, and as far as legitimacy is concerned, there are no complaints. In that way, it’s a great way to make some extra money if you have nothing else to do. In any case, it’s a great website that offers a great service to many people, so it’s definitely worth a try.

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