In the present industry, there are no such free options encouraged. Because somebody has to pay for it on the back door. Free software available on the internet will also be paid. The free software sometimes results in negative outcomes. Many VPN companies offer complimentary or demo access to their services or products. Besides, the premium VPN services will cost more for every month. People generally consider using free services, once they finish their free trial, they get renewed with high charges.

From major VPN providers, few researchers over the globe examined almost 300 free VPN apps found were frightening. Almost, 40% included malvertising or malware. And at least among them, 20% of the applications didn’t encrypt traffic. So find best from VPN reviews site 

Various surveys have been explained that a wide range of 22% of the VPN services gave access to their client’s data. This remained troublesome and the information that is collected during registration has been visible to the spy eyes. These logs are sold to the 3rd party websites and hackers who may use them for illegal purposes. This information is then shared with those authorities from the hackers who would make use of it with a wrong perception. The main point of VPN is to restrict third parties, governments, and hackers from hindering the private information. So, if there is any free VPN used, then there is a chance that the information included in that is totally made public.

Recently, GDPR laws are implemented, more concentration is involved in how organizations manage user data for the marketing purposes. In case of data abuse, free VPN service providers are treated to be the main culprits. Be cautious, most of the free VPNs are used for data sharing and selling programs. Buying a VPN client from VPN Vanguard will get positive benefits in addition to making the user safer. So try using any of the available tools and services they provide.

Why free VPNs sell data to 3rd parties?

The only reason behind it is- they have to do so. If a free VPN service is available to use, many of them don’t read rules and regulations associated with the VPN provider which may persist towards risk. Once if the service providers sell the user’s information, obviously they tend to do for making money.

For these type of activities marketing companies will give money in great values that free VPN provides. They obtain information from- frequently approaching websites, personal logins, services that are used regularly. This information is used for many illegal activities which include hacking, identity theft, malware, and unrelenting advertising.

Hence it suggested not to get attracted to the free VPN services, better take a chance in using a premium or paid version that helps in protecting browsing activity and anonymity.

Why free VPN has to sell data?

Due to the reasons listed below, most of the free VPNs sell or share data subject to a few irregular applications.  

  1. To earn money

The main reason behind it is money. No one can leave without money. If there is no product, it could be difficult to earn money. Generally displaying ads are not sufficient. Considering them certainly cannot pay more. With more precious user data, VPN provider can offer and charge more targeted ads and even share/sell the data acquired to other intellects and in turn, get paid.

  1. Server costs

The traffic should be routed through the servers, and in turn, they have to charge for the servers. When the VPN network develops in a high range, then there will arise more servers. The is generally calculated on the basis of a number of users who approach free VPN. The server costs may go around thousands and dollars depending on the usage scenarios.

If there is an organization using large VPN, then it is said to have the user base in hundreds and their charge might go into millions.

Best alternatives for free VPNs

  1. Locate VPN that is treated as an open source, it is a really must attempt VPN. The safest option which doesn’t have an incentive or financial motivation and available free for everyone to critique.
  2. Use the free VPN provided by international universities or resources which help in keeping the data safe and private and are being negotiated by VPN gate. But there are some limitations in using these VPNs to prevent abuse of their services.
  3. Set an own VPN for free, this facility is available in the cloud to set up a new and free VPN by own. On the basis of applications that are used, one can definitely create a free VPN accordingly, but this might not get complete anonymity. Only the user who has created can have the access and full control of the stored data. This might sometimes require technical knowledge which could be worthy.


The struggle for the online privacy is a difficult one. But the easiest is not used more. Everyone tries to install the free VPN services that would be compromised anyhow. If there is some interest in efforting technically, the above options would help in taking caring of the most significant part- the privacy.