Becoming a Freelance Translator at a Top Translating Service


How To Become Freelancer Translator

Not long ago, I was a typical 9-5 employee working at a startup. And before you get any ideas, let me stop you right there. The pay was good- it was enough, at least for my small family of three and me. However, my life up to that point felt like a never-ending loop that I desperately wanted to break from each day. In the little free time (over lunch or late in the night when everyone was asleep) that came my way, I would search the internet for online jobs. I had suddenly realized that I was not an office person anymore. So if I found a gig online, my life would start going how I wanted it to.

One of my late-night searches landed me on They were hiring translators to work from the comfort of their homes! How fantastic? I thought. With much happiness and hope, I clicked on the “hiring” link to see the full job description. I needed to understand what translating jobs were all about and if they were at all my cup of tea. It was upon reading the post details that it dawned on me that I could actually make a living just because I was bilingual (I am Spanish on my father’s side and English on my mother’s.)

Fast forward, I applied and was accepted as a translator on I must admit I did not quit my office job right away as I needed to be sure about this translation thing all-together. With time, my decision to become a translator here proved to be an excellent idea. I started feeling more content with my translation job and given that I am not that good in serving two masters, I had to quit my office job. Now, there was no telling where I what I would achieve, but I hoped that would keep treating well as it had up until that point.

It’s been two years now of excellent cooperation with this service. I can attest that indeed online translator jobs can give one a decent life. I rarely vouch for anything the way I do for However, they are an excellent service to have as your employer. They have an excellent support team that promptly responds to all concerns raised by translators. Apart from that, here are some other things that make working with a worthwhile experience:

  • Excellent pay rates for translation jobs.
  • offers a constant supply of many well-remunerated online translator jobs.
  • No bidding system- translators can pick tasks they can work on based on their capabilities.
  • You can request a payout after reaching only $20.
  • Flexible schedule- you can choose the time you want to work on your tasks.
  • Freedom of location- you can tackle your tasks from the library, in the bedroom, or any other place that is convenient for you.

To conclude, there is no way of knowing what the future holds for sure. Nonetheless, given my interaction with, I can give an informed prediction that there is bound to be more translation jobs on this service in the days to come.