When do students need an article rewriter tool? Article rewriting is required when you are extracting content from a source and want to avoid plagiarism. The Prepostseo Plagiarism Checking tool is an amazing option to detect plagiarism and prevent it as well. Before going into the details of this, let us understand by plagiarism is discouraged so much. Students can face severe penalties of they submit copied content in an intentional or unintentional manner.

Plagiarism in basic and simple terms

In simple terms, plagiarism is copying content that has been created by someone else after putting in immense hard work. This is an unethical act and if any student is involved in it, he is penalized on a serious scale. High standard reputed institutions have very well defined strict procedures in this relation.

  • In simple terms, very strict and severe actions are taken against students submitting copied content. Some of them additionally opt for this shortcut because they do not want to work hard on the submission. Others copy content unintentionally because they do not know that plagiarism is not permissible. In any case, if your assignment or research paper is copied, it would be rejected straight away. Even if a grade is awarded to you, it would be a very low one. Hence, copying content from a source is nothing but taking chances with your academic and professional future.
  • Why is plagiarism not permissible and counted as such a negative act? There is a proper logic behind this. First of all, when you submitting plagiarized content, you are accessing and using information belonging to someone else. This simply means that the information created by someone else is being used without proper permission. In other words, due credit is not being given to the actual author. This is one of the prime reasons by such serious penalties are applied on students submitting plagiarized content.
  • There is nothing bad about accessing online sources and gathering information but an ethical way has to be adopted for this purpose. Copying information that belongs to someone else is obviously not ethical in any way. If you are accessing a website, blog, article or any other source for content, make sure that proper rephrasing is being done. With a quality plagiarism checker, it becomes a lot easier to detect copied content without putting in hours of hard work.

The Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker tool is amazing

Some plagiarism checking tools are simply exceptional and incomparably beneficial for students. The Prepostseo plagiarism checking tool is a better alternative than Turnitin because of the features that it puts on the table.

  1. The best features without any cost

As a user of plagiarism checker tool, students do not have to pay for anything. This facility does not have any conditions attached. In other words, you can use all the plagiarism checking features for free for an unlimited time period. If you have a look at most quality tools, they are not free. Users are required to purchase the paid version to get access to all the features. This tool is 100% free for an indefinite span of time.

2.No more worries about copied content

Immense trouble is created for the student submits an assignment with copied content. It does not matter whether copied content has been submitted intentionally or unintentionally. In both cases, strict actions are taken against the student. This tool works well for students because they have several worries about their grades and assignment submissions.

3.No burden of installing supportive applications

You should be prepared to put in a lot of time if a tool has to be installed or downloaded before being used offline. This tool is 100% online so users do not have to worry about installation problems. To use, you simply need to open the related link and use it.

4.Simple features and convenient usage

There is no point in using a tool with a complex interface. Users do not prefer plagiarism checking tools with a complicated interface. PPS plagiarism checking tool is simple and has very easy to use features. To get the content checked, you only have to copy the content and paste in the related text box. When the tool completes the scanning process, all mistakes made would be elaborated. In this way, you would not have to search for errors as the plagiarism checker would find them for you. Along with effort, you would save a lot of time as well.

  • It can be said that checking content without a plagiarism checker is not smart thinking. Manual proofreading is very much possible but the results are less efficient. A quality plagiarism checking tool does not skip any errors.
  • Some tools and software applications have a difficult interface and users have to search for features. This plagiarism checking tool is very simple to use so users do not have to spend time on finding features.


There is nothing such as submitting copied content by mistake. Content originality is very important academic institutions do not give any room to students. Once copied content has been submitted, students cannot do anything about it. Thus, being watchful before submission is the key.

There are several tools on the internet meant for plagiarism checking but there are reliability issues with most of them. Some of them do not detect all sources of copied content while other have heavy charges.

Tools by Prepostseo are much better than other alternatives. It has all the best plagiarism checking features without the application of any charges. It is quite impossible to find a tool with all these features. This tool is completely online so no need to download anything offline. Once you open the link to the tool, you would be able to use it. This tool can also be added as widget to a website.

Plagiarism checking tool is technologically sounds so you can be sure that it would crash and stop working.