Best Anonymous Browsers: Protected Toolkits!


The issue of personal data privacy is more relevant than ever. In the struggle for anonymity, many users have spent a lot of effort and money to invent tools that allow them to protect their personal space. One of the most effective ways to protect your personal information is to use the best anonymous browsers.

Such services make personal data protection a priority. After all, a stolen correspondence or several photos is not the only thing that a user can lose. Our devices store information about Bank cards and other details that can be used by fraudsters. Besides, regular browsers collect various information about users, such as: preferences, search queries, the amount of time spent on a particular resource, and so on. It is done to display relevant ads on the screen in the future.

Everything would be fine, but this data can be intercepted by third parties and used for their purposes. That is why it is so important to take care of the safety of personal information and implement the best variants of protected Internet assistants!

Best Anonymous Browsers: Choose Your Reliable One!


Utopia is a decentralized system that is responsible for safe and multifunctional work in the global Internet space. It is built on a peer-to-peer architecture. That is, the ecosystem does not use a single server to store client data. Instead, when registering, it generates a private key that plays as a nickname and opens an individual data warehouse. Data stored on the server is securely protected by the Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES.

Utopia is primarily an anonymous browser – Idyll Browser that is built on the uNS technology. That is, the ecosystem has already created all the desired sites. They are opened to public access. Also, thanks to tunnel data technology, users can create and add new sites.

Other features include instant messenger, email, e-wallet, and Mining Bot. All these tools can be used simultaneously in one open window, thanks to Hybrid Mode.


It is the most famous anonymizer in the network. Everyone who has ever been interested in anonymity on the Internet knows about the TOR browser. The program supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. TOR works on the principle of onion routing. That is, the system works with proxy server chains, providing an anonymous connection to the network. There is a lot of software that allows you to use the TOR network, but the most convenient and effective solution is TOR Browser. Every year, developers improve the browser, which has a positive effect on its performance.

Anonymity in the network is achieved by transferring data through different TOR servers. It allows you to surf the Internet while maintaining your anonymity, as well as work with TCP protocols. Using an anonymous browser, you don’t have to set your privacy settings manually. All parameters are set by default.

Comodo Dragon

The browser works with all modern operating systems. Anonymizer guarantees a stable and secure Internet experience. IceDragon is suitable for those who want to remain unnoticed in the network. The browser is based on Mozilla Firefox, so users of this browser can quickly learn Dragon. Plugins that work with Firefox are also compatible with the anonymous browser.

Among the possibilities, there is one interesting option is the scanning of links. It allows you to check the security of sites before going to the page. Also, an interesting find is the Secure DNS service that blocks phishing sites, unnecessary ads and viruses.

Epic Privacy Browser

There is support for two operating systems: Mac and Windows. Despite its simplicity, the browser does an excellent job. The browser does not store user data, does not support extensions, and is configured only to provide anonymity.

The built-in VPN feature ensures complete security and anonymity of personal information. With this feature, users can not worry about data loss, including when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.