Best Brokers, a real time stock exchange game for Android and iOS


What does Best Brokers company Do? have created a real time stock exchange game for Android and iOS. The stock data is real stock exchange data not only a simulation. We have over 50.000 different stocks available and you can interact with more than 20.000 users, which makes our game realistic and interesting. You can add friends in the app and compare yourself in a separated high-score list with them and all users of the platform.

Why do we need Best Brokers?

If you have played with the idea of entering the stock market, our game will tell you, if your trading strategy is successful or not without risking any money at all. You can also compare yourself to other users.

Who is Best Brokers for?

It’s for everyone who is interested in the stock market, it doesn’t matter if you are a student or a financial expert, you can test your knowledge in the stock market. If you are a financial expert, you can try different trading strategies and find the more successful ones, if you are a student trying to understand the stock market you can use our simulation to understand the basic trading strategies.

What makes Best Brokers stand out from Others?

We provide the only stock exchange game with real time stock data. This is key, because you can use our app to test your trading strategies in a sandbox that is similar to the stock market. All other games execute orders only after some minutes or even hours, which is unusable for real time trading.

What’s Next to Best Brokers?

In the future, we plan to include more companies as well as digital currencies for trading. We hope to be the biggest, most realistic stock market simulator available.