Ethical hacking entails the ability to penetrate deeply and diagnose security vulnerability in any system and prevent it from malicious hackers. A Certified Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who carries out the same hacking process in a legitimate way, and knows how to look for the vulnerabilities in target systems of an organization and uses knowledge and tools to secure them.  Ethical hackers are white hat hackers standing against malevolent hackers.

If, as a beginner, you are looking forward to starting your career from network security then CEH is the only and widely known certification provided by EC council. This CEH certification course has no such prerequisite yet requires you to possess basic skills.

Job Prospects after CEH

Ethical hackers are highly regarded in all networking zone work as information security professionals. CEH is valued in IT field also to look for vulnerabilities and secure information and system from hackers. Some known opportunities are:

  • Software Engineer
  • CEH v8 Instructor.
  • Information Security Consultant
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Network Support Engineer
  • Manager IT Security.
  • VAPT Consultant.
  • Information Security Consultant

Companies, where you can apply after CEH certification are – Dell international, Birla soft, Oracle, HCL technologies, Accenture appoints security analysts with decent packages.

Benefits of CEH Certification

  • It will enable an IT professional to get into the minds of a malicious hacker and take relevant steps to safeguard network and system. CEH are aware of tools and coding to prevent security vulnerabilities.
  • CEH is the entry level certification which allows you to climb up for advanced certification in some security fields such as forensics, audit certifications and penetration testing.
  • Companies, to prevent losses arising out of data breaches, are constantly hiring CEH professionals. Hence, their demands are increasing.

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The average annual salary of ethical hackers averages Rs 550k.

The Knowledge, you will gain:

To go for CEH certification, you should have the knowledge of Linux, Computer Hardware, Web Development, and Network Management along with networking knowledge. CEH certification enables you to know how to protect network and system threat. CEH’s are appointed to keep a check on security issues, related to Network Security, Computer Security, Website hacking and Information Security etc.

In terms of tools and techniques, you will learn:

  • Proficiency in Hacking tools, such as:
  • Network Stumbler NMAP,
  • Metasploit,
  • QualysGuard,
  • Burp Suit,
  • Superscan,
  • Angry IP Scanner, Cain & Abel, etc.


  • Process of hacking:
  • Reconnaissance
  • Scanning
  • Gaining access
  • Maintaining access
  • Clearing tracks
  • Reporting

If you really want to be certified hacker, then CEH is the only stair you can climb. But it needs practice and knowledge related to basic programming for which you can go for good books, online lessons or could seek professional help but all this are not certainly the best way to join a training institute will give a real-time experience which will accelerate your development as a hacker and allow you to pursue your dream.

How to Succeed?

To accomplish your dream and to improve your penetration testing skills, ethical hacking courses are offered by various institutes. One of the best institute for CEH training is Koenig solution that prepared candidates with skills to test, scan, hack and secure particular networks with practical knowledge in labs. The syllabus related to CEH course is deep but important topics are highlighted here:

CEH training will include knowledge about

  • Secure network designs
  • Networking and administration commands
  • Basic commands
  • Linux file system
  • Network Firefall

So if you are willing to work as a security professional prepare yourself for CEH certification exam.