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The introduction and development of virtual reality to the world of gaming brought in a slew of new possibilities to provide increased levels of immersion to the players. One of them come in the form of all-too-familiar steering wheels, which enable the player to get the best racing experience in their VR games. The players can actually steer and change gears manually in the game to indulge in the most realistic experience.

Best Affordable VR Steering Wheels

Following is the list of the most budget-friendly and best-reviewed steering wheels that you can choose for your VR games:

1. Logitech G29/G920:

The wheel is available for $300 and thus is extremely budget-friendly. It provides almost all the functions which the more expensive wheels feature. In fact, it also gives its users better experience with the high quality and better functionality of its parts.

2. Thrustmaster T150/TMX:

This is the basic steering wheel available for your VR set. Its price ranges around $170 and is a pretty good option for the beginners. Its features are limited and straightforward so might not be the preference of advanced gamers.

3. Fanatec CSL Elite Range:

This is another set of quality steering wheels. The price range starts from $500. What makes it different and better from others is the option of load cell break in its pedals. Fanatec’s hardware promises high quality and excellent compatibility.

4. Thrustmaster T300RS/TX:

This steering wheel provides a better and realistic solution of force feedback. The price usually hovers around $300. But, if a complete virtual steering experience is to be witnessed, additional pedals and rims need to be purchased too.

5. Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer:

This wheel gives direct competition to the Fanatec’s Elite range. The Racer uses the latest force feedback technology which is driven by belt. The wheel costs around $500 without the pedals, which need to be added in order to get a complete thrilling experience.

6. Thrustmaster T300 Alcantara Edition/TX Leather Edition:

This $470 steering wheel is a gamers’ paradise. It provides premium rims to the players T3PA pedals. It also has better compatibility of the hardware with the racing cars.

How to Perfectly Set Up Your VR Steering Wheel?

The complete experience of the VR gaming depends upon the compatibility and performance of your VR hardware devices. In order to bring out the best from them, it is highly important to perfectly mount these devices.

If any of these devices are loose or are not properly connected, it might ruin the whole world of virtual reality for you. Therefore, to connect your VR steering wheel properly, make sure that you check the following things:

  • Almost all the steering wheels other than the Thrustmaster T150/TMX consist of hard setups in order to fix the wheels to a platform using bolts and also include desk clamps for the same.
  • For the brakes, it is necessary to have something to prevent them from sliding backwards. For this purpose, floor braces or castors for locking are required.
  • You can also ease things up by purchasing a simple solution to all your concerned adjustments, i.e., the Wheel stand pro. You can purchase it for approximately $180 and it will give you the best steering wheel mounting for your virtual gaming experience.


Steering wheels add a much more realistic experience to your gaming style and enjoy the thrilling VR racing games.