When it comes to playing games on a computer, the desktop still remains the top choice amongst PC gamers. However, the need to have something portable and equally powerful cannot be denied. This has helped gaming laptops gain some popularity in the world of computer games. There are several types of gaming laptops in the market. Choosing the right one can often to be an uphill task for you. While shopping for such a laptop at Tech Favicon, simply keeping an eye on the specs will not be sufficient. You also need to consider the display and the built-in keyboard. After all, when it comes to playing games on a laptop, you need everything perfect.

Features to Look Out for In a Gaming Laptop

A laptop comes with several features. If you wish to use the machine to play games, then you will certainly need a laptop that has the power to function smoothly and fast. Here are some tips while searching for the right gaming laptop.

  • GPU: Most of the PC games available in the market use the GPU of your laptop. Thus, you need to choose one that has sufficient power to make a game run smoothly. One of the best in the market for PC gamers is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 10-series GPUs. If you an entry level gamer then the GTX 1050 will be sufficient for you. Mainstream gamers will be better off using the GTX 1060 GPU. However, for hardcore gamers, the GTX 1070 GPU will be the best.
  • RAM: When it comes to playing games on your laptop, a machine with a bigger RAM will always be better than other models with low RAM. A laptop with an 8GB RAM is highly recommended for an average productivity of PC games. If you buy a laptop with a GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti, it will come with an 8GB RAM. However, if possible, try to go for a laptop with a 16GB RAM. This will allow you to run GTX 1060 with ease.
  • CPU: The CPU of your laptop is entirely dependent upon your budget. If you are not worried about the price, then opt for a machine with a powerful Core i7 CPU. There are some laptops that come with desktop CPUs. However, since most of the PC games use the GPU, you may even opt for the Core i5 CPU.
  • Storage: There are some affordable gaming laptops that come with 1TB hard drive. However, most of the gaming laptops seen in the market also come with a small SSD that serves as a boot drive. The larger the SSD the lesser will be the loading time taken by a game. However, this will invariably increase the price.
  • Display: Majority of the gaming laptops come with screens ranging from 15 inches to 17 inches. When it comes to a gaming laptop, never settle for anything below 1920×1080 display resolution. Even a display of 2560×1440 will be a great choice when it comes to playing PC games. The laptop should also have a fast refresh rate to help you play properly.