Best sports video games you would never want to miss

Best sports video games you would never want to miss

Sports video game has always been a great inspiration for millions of sports lovers all over the world making them love their games and athletes more and more. As they see their fans struggling to reach out for their victory, sports lovers yearn for their ability and love to be those athletes. Without any age restrictions, people love to play these video games as sports are enjoyed by everyone.

Here are some listings of the top rated sport video games:

Pinch Hitter 2

It is a baseball game played with the help of a mouse. The gamePinch Hitter 2 requires us to choose a major league team and complete the series of challenges to score the best points. It is also important to make it sure not to make any strikes while batting the balls that are scattered around. While playing, don’t let catchers catch your ball and don’t make too many fouls.

Downhill Jam

This 3D game provides you with a realistic experience giving you an opportunity to become adventurous and sporty. This game includes a skateboard riding along the road downhill without crashing any cars, obstacles, and pavements if any. The winner is the person who can cross the finish line safely. Jumping off the ramps to collect bonus points is an added advantage to gain points.

Stunt Dirt Bike

Best game for all bike riders and bike lovers. The game starts with an option to choose your favorite bike, and after that, you are ready for your racing.


One of the most arcade games and most importantly the first video game made ever. It is a table tennis game and involves 2D graphics. A first ever commercially successful video game made ever paving a new world to the video game industry that we see today.

Sewer Run

The game starts by picking our favorite player choosing the board and grabbing some fresh air. It challenges us to ride some of the world’s longest open sewer runs. Pulling off impressive tricks and race your opponents to the end using the weapons we collect during our game. Keyboard arrow keys are used to steer. The game instructions and other key commands can be read for better understanding of the game.

BMX Park

Crazy bike lovers are always welcome to the BMX park to show their bike stunt skills. The more adventurous skills you perform, the more you gain. Jumping through the air and performingtricks on the ramp increase your bonus points.

Free Running 2

The actions conducted by SebastienFoucan and David Belle have always been an inspiration for those who love to perform free running. Now this game provides you to perform the same feat utilizing the comfort and safety of your home. The 3d graphics, new moves, and game modes make it the most ever loving game ever.

Ice Racer

The game gives us a full control of a highly advanced snowmobile making us cross all the 10 risk levels in the arctic conditions. The game is best suited for the adrenaline junkies and highly vulnerable for the weak hearted people. Being one of the best sports video games, you can get you favorite risky levels in Ice Racer.


One of the premier sports video games for all the basketball lovers worldwide. It is an incredibly fun gameplay allowing players to engage in helicopter slam dunks and incredible three point shot. First ever NBA approved and licensed game.  Lovers can add their every time hero to the game and make them jump high, flip dunk and drain to gain the points.

NFL Blitz

This football based game differs from other games for its speed and intensity. The animations in this game turn the players hilarious adding some excitements that the traditional game’s lack. The game is the updated version of the NBA game with more updated features.

These are all the best listed and top rated games that are played by millions of sports lovers all over the world.