Best Tool to Convert and Backup DVD – WinX DVD Ripper

The Compact discs and drives still exist on the planet, they are not outdated. The same applies to the use of DVDs.There are few who still loves to store audio and video files on these DVDs. Moreover, they are even available for all the newly released movies or music albums.

But what if there is an important DVD which got scratched and not working properly? There is a solution to it.

Ripping DVDs to your external hard drive or PC.

By speaking all about ripping, you might be surprised what is this all about. DVD Ripper is generally known for digital extraction. It is a method where audio and video content is copied from a DVD or via streaming video files. With an encoder, it compresses the files and reduces the size without losing its quality. There is even a converter program to change the media file formats.

What is WinX DVD ripper?

A window-based software which can rip ISO images/DVDs to an external or hard drive like MP4, AVI, HEVC, MOV, MPEG, and M2TS. It’s a super fast DVD ripping which rips your files in only five minutes. After conversion, you can easily playback the files on Apple, Microsoft, Android, and Sony enabled devices. You can even copy a DVD library to NAS drive and Plex media server.

Winx DVD ripper is flexible in using DVD converters with its highest speed. It is developed to video and audio editing, conversion and more. With its quick conversion and highest quality output, it is additionally used as DVD to Mp4 converter.

In addition to the 350+ built-in profiles, this software is backed by 4 unique DVD copy modes.

Cloning of DVD discs to ISO image and enables a safe 1:1 copy without losing any quality at a much faster pace. It will best keep the original structure intact, with menus, video/audio tracks, chapters, and subtitles without shredding or reducing the quality.

You can backup and play DVD main and sub-titles on PS3, PC, PS4, Xbox, media centre and more.


The fastest software rips all the content in DVD and digitizes the contents to all other formats in just 5 minutes.

With DVD to Mp4 converter main title is configured to another format employed to USB, editing apps, media players, hard drive, or YouTube. It offers mobile-specific outputs like H.264/MPEG4/HEVC for iPhone, tablets, iPad, HDTV, Android, PC, game consoles and more as different viewing options.

All types of discs are supported by WinX free DVD ripper. You can easily turn your new or old movie library into a virtual menu without worrying about the integrity and quality. You can copy both the main and full title.

View and access your favourite videos from numerous cross-functional devices. Images, videos, audio and other clips are converted and viewed from mobile phones, iPods, tablets, game consoles and more. Uniquely designed for all intractable DVD workouts.

It comes with 210+ audio codecs and video output that are same for all sorts of technical devices, OS, and various platforms. Allowing you to watch videos from any device without any quality or viewing issues.

DVD Ripper is compatible with all kinds of devices and discs included outdated and new ones. This makes it a clear-cut solution to convert your old films

Hardware Acceleration

The best functionality of WinX is, it has a built-in Level-3 Hardware Acceleration. Encoding and ripping videos from normal DVDs take a long time depending on the computer processor. But WinX hardware acceleration is the answer for this. The next question that clicks your mind is how much quicker does this hardware acceleration for video processing does?

As this is supported by GPU, it enables even a low-end laptop to convert DVDs without affecting the quality. As this hardware acceleration has low requirements in GPU and CPU.

WinX ripper usually supports Intel quick sync video and NVIDIA GPUs. If your system is supported by either of these processors then your PC speed will improve encoding your DVDs that is ripped.

Video editor and advanced settings

This software comes with a video editor for more qualitative videos. You can adjust, crop different videos to remove any unnecessary borders or any black edges. You can even trim and crop, merge various video clips. Select the start and end point, the track of the subtitles and choose the desired language to modify it as per your wish. Autofix the mismatched content by downloading SRT subtitles. At last, it gives a guaranteed, smooth and stable conversion method.

You can even adjust and fine-tune your parameters and choices. This includes video-audio codec, frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate, sample rate and more. You can tailor-make your settings to all.

Disney’s X-project

WinX unique feature of Disney’s fake a project of Disney X alters DVD with its 40GB massive file size and 99 titles. It is usually applied to workout DVDs, movies and Japanese AVs. This protection vexes up that generally complete the process with scrambled output, incomplete ripping, and even shortens the life-span of the drive. But Disney’s technology will solve this issue for all the needs of personal backup.

DVD ripper is supported by 100% safe and secured Disney DVD ripper. It quickly decrypts and rips every classic and new Disney DVDs  such as Zootopia, Pirates, Inside Out, Frozen and more to MP4, H.264, AVI, iPhone(X), MPEG, Android, iPad, and any other devices or formats.

As of now, Disney protection has been widely used by popular film publishers like Paramount, Warner and Disney. But there are few videos which are strictly protected. By using various tools, you can handle those movies for better enjoyment or for avoiding damage on DVD discs.

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A popular and professional WinX DVD ripper software has been in the industry with over 10yrs of polishing. There are two sides to the coin. On one side it preserves safely and makes compatible with old, damaged DVDs. On the other side, it keeps updating title checking and scanning mechanism. This tool is capable of converting DVDs to MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MPEG, ISO and other media formats. Another reason for its popularity is speed. Moreover, this is the only DVD ripper to have Intel QSV and NVENC/NVIDIA CUDA. It saves a lot of time with its hardware acceleration at the same time processing their old DVD collection.