Best Web Hosting Providers of 2018 – Free and Paid both


Nowadays creating a website is an easy thing. But managing it has become extremely tough and complicated. To ensure a smooth and efficient use of your newly created or existing websites there are different website hosting providers.

These providers do all the work like activating all the files required for proper functioning and to be going on. Apart from managing your website they also provide an assistant and monitor your performance for most productivity.

You also get various recovery options, high-end security and can even get help on creating a new website. However, all the hosting providers are not free and you will have to pay for their services. But before buying a service do check various web hosting offers for the perfect deal.

The top web hosting providers of 2018 which can help you prosper through the business ethics with true detailing are:


HostGator managed to provide its service to more than 9 million customers so far. HostGator has proven to be the best company specializing in VPS and website hosting along with the dedicated services. It became popular because of its most affordable cloud-hosting package in the market.

These packages are less expensive but they promise to deliver two times faster performance and four times more amplified scalability. HostGator also provides a very simple and easy to use dashboard.

It also provides best in class support assistance for 24/7 with an amazing 99.9% uptime that will give you the perfect and slick hosting experience. You can easily create a new website using their website builder tool or can easily move your existing website to the HostGator location.

It also provides a 45-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied by their services and you can easily exchange your opinion with other website owners all over the world by entering the million wide user community. Here are some of its terms for the benefits of the consumers:

  • 99.9% uptime and real-time service status updates.
  • Refund of money with 45 days.
  • Constant monitoring to keep the servers protected and safe.
  • Dell, Cisco, and AT&T are among the many trusted high profile partners.


GoDaddy has somewhat a similar reputation like HostGator. GoDaddy has also set also set some benchmarks and examples on how a web hosting is performed. GoDaddy can easily be called world’s largest hosting service provider and biggest domain name hub in the world. This is because GoDaddy serves more than 74 million domains and 17 million users all around the world.

People started trusting this American publicly traded internet domain because of it being extraordinarily secure. GoDaddy focuses on the corporate community and provides affordable SSL certificates to ensure that every user’s data is secure. GoDaddy gives you a total control of when and what is happening on your website and promises to deliver profession assistant with 24/7/365 support. The web-hosting provider makes sure that the consumers are provided with services that are:

  • Business-friendly
  • Affordable SSL certificates
  • World’s biggest domain name


DreamHost is another web hosting provider that won many awards and will help you get a new domain easily. The most popular and widely admired feature of DreamHost is the Remixer. This tool allows the user to attach a site which is fully functional to the web.

During this process, it ensures that there is no resorting to third-party services. This tool is the most efficient and easily configure builder present in the market which provides optimized and customizable themes. On the other hand, DreamHost promises to deliver 100% uptime. Some of the measures which make DreamHost a good competition in the market are:

  • Shared web hosting which is affordable and inexpensive.
  • Nonprofitable charity organizations can avail free services.
  • Backup can also be made manually through the user’s control panel.
  • You can get a free domain name with every new account through referrals.


As the name suggests, Namecheap is the cheapest domain name you can get without compromising the quality. You can easily buy .org domains with a single click and as cheap as Rs.680 only. You can easily buy it by transferring your current website to this domain or by creating a new one.

For buyers and those who are interested in WordPress can easily get their high-performance domain that is equally affordable. Namecheap provides both monthly and annual subscription. Have a look at the details of the services provided:

  • Web sites can easily be created without having coding skills and knowledge of advanced programming.
  • Namecheap guarantees an uptime of 99.9%.
  • All the plans get the latest version of cPanel.


Fasthosts is again a pioneer in web hosting and is very much reliable. It is trusted by many brands all around the globe because of its security. Fasthosts let you easily make a website or manage the existing ones. You can also use its popular email or Microsoft exchange features.

Fasthosts is among very few who give you the freedom of launching ready to use applications and managed stacks on CloudNX platform. This is done for better cost as well as scale efficiency. It also provides free SSL certificates and tools for an end-to-end increase in performance. Fasthosts also secure your website from VPN and Firewalls. Fasthosts are efficient as they are equipped to provide:

  • Allows you to build professional websites.
  • Secure your website from private networks, VPN, and Firewalls.
  • For efficient and quick management various tools are provided.


From domain names to VPS services, these stores tend to facilitate each and every aspect of web-hosting for established and budding websites. It is very essential for a website to get itself registered under a good webhost which will structure its working in the future. Most of the traffic that is generated considers that a reputed domain name or the website credentials are reliable. So, in order to maintain that segment, it is very important to keep the horizons intact. There are many more web-hosting providers, besides these descripted masters, where one can also get discounts & offers for the services.