Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is best to safeguard your Mac system

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Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac Review

In recent years, Bitdefender has introduced a number of its Antivirus editions for all types of PC and mobile users. It has become the leading antivirus software provider in the world with a range of advanced Antivirus tools and software. If you are a Mac user, then Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is also available to safeguard your Mac system. 

If you are looking for strong protection to your PC system, then this security software is the perfect solution available for you. The company has recently updated its antivirus range which offers a set of advanced tools to protect your PC system and its data from different types of viruses and malware attacks. Let’s decode this Antivirus software first. 

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac Full Review

Bitdefender is one of the most trusted platforms when it comes to securing your system files and its data. This all-in-one security software protects your PC against malicious files and other known viruses that could harm your system and its data. It also protects you from surfing unauthorized websites by adding extra security. 

For Mac users, the company has redesigned this software with a list of new security features. To know more about this software, we have listed all the advanced security features of this software here. 

Security Features

They provides different types of security tools for protection, performance and privacy. All the parameters are important when we use the Internet and surf various websites. The company has introduced a new anti-tracker tool to stop websites from fetching your personal information and much more. Let’s see what its features have in store for us.

Instant Scanning for Malware

This software is designed with the advanced algorithm for scanning of your PC files. It offers a quick scan option also to scan the entire system quickly. It takes less than 30 minutes to clean up or scan up the entire Mac system. 

During the scanning process, if it detects any malicious files or activity in your system, it will send you an alert message and ask you to remove those files from your system immediately. 

Blocks Phishing 

Most Internet attackers do the Phishing to steal data of the users. It comes through promotional emails and exploring unauthorized websites and applications. When you click on unwanted adware within an email or on a website, your data could easily be stolen by the attacker. 

Attackers or hackers can have all the information about the user of that system and its data. They can damage your system or can steal money from your bank accounts with the details. This software blocks such activities while exploring websites or when your system receives an email from an untrusted contact. 


Anti-tracker is the latest tool added by the company to its Security Software for Mac users. Nowadays, website owners track their audiences to know their behavior to improve their website’s performance. 

Anti-tracker tool adds up a button to the bar which could help you to detect whether the website you are exploring is tracking you or not. You could easily turn off the tracking option by clicking on to the button. You can also select the desired web browsers from Chrome, Firefox and Opera. 


Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac comes with a built-in VPN I.e. Virtual Private Network. VPN is essential to keep your online identity hidden from the attackers and hackers. When you use VPN, your IP Address and current location can be switched so no one can have the access of your system and your Identity which keeps everything secure. You can get a test tool of VPN for free with this antivirus security software. 

Apart from these advanced security features, the software includes a list of extra features such as Safe Files, Time Machine Protection, blocking of adware, cross-platform malware detection, Autopilot and much more. All these tools are included in this all-in-one security software. 

Customer Support

The company is also known for providing exceptional customer support to all the users who are facing different types of issues with their product purchased from the company’s website. The company provides its services and support to all the customers via phone call, email and live chat. 

Depending upon your availability and preferences, you could choose any of these methods to contact to the customer support executive who will help you out to fix whichever issue you are facing with the software or the tool. 

Plans and Pricing 

They offer a 30 days free trial to new users who are about to start using this software. After the free trial period, they can purchase the license for 1 year, 2 year and 3 year from the website. 

Final Words: 

Bitdefender offers the best of security to your Mac system. It also protects you while surfing the websites and installing different types of applications. Whichever plan you choose, your system will be kept safe and protected. It improves the overall speed of your system and helps you surf and use your system worry-free. Give it a try now!