Since ancient times, man has loved to hoard on precious commodities. The desire to do so stems not only from the beauty of the said commodity, but also from the need for humans to have some sort of financial security. This need for security, in turn stems from the paranoia that our lives are shrouded in and one that prompts our decisions in life. Traditionally, these secure assets have consisted of commodities such as land, gold, gems and what not. However, the digital world of today leaves us no short of commodities to hold as securities and safe investment.


Of these modern solutions to investment and secure financial assets, cryptocurrencies are the most recent ones. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can work as a medium of exchange. Often called the currency of the future, cryptocurrencies essentially eliminate the need to carry your wallet or hard cash with you. These digital currencies are traded at several different stores and several countries may be taking steps to make them a part of the centralized currency system. There are several different forms of cryptocurrencies that people around the world currently invest in and make profit from and it is turning out to be a very lucrative form of business with very high returns guaranteed.


Now, you may want to trade in cryptocurrencies, but you may not be able to do so without specific portals that let you operate in the blockchain space. One such portal that allows people around the world to exchange these currencies in the digital economy is Blockport, a venture that started in 2017. The name is an abbreviation for “Blockchain portal” and works in partnership with several huge firms such as Deloitte, Osborne Clarke and Ark.

The objective of the Blockport platform is to make it easier for beginner level cryptocurrency traders to effectively indulge in the trade of cryptocurrencies. The platform has been developed with the help of several talented individuals, all with the same goal in their mind.

Blockport STO:

Blockport has also decided to go a step ahead and issue their own Blockport STO. An STO stands for Security Token Offering and is not the same as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) even if it may seem very similar to it. This is because in an STO, the issued token represents an investment contract into asset such as stocks, funds or bonds. On the other hand in an ICO, you get a cryptocurrency to hold as a result of your investment. You can then keep store this currency with the help of a platform such as Blackport.

The Blockport STO can be seen as a hybrid between traditional forms of investments and modern forms of investments, where the backing of an asset makes the entire difference in the category. Although not all governments may have legalized STOs as of yet and some may even have banned the digital securities, the potential in these modern investment instruments and the advantages of legalizing them cannot be denied.