Brabble, Steemit and Other Apps to Look Forward to in 2019


New apps are being developed daily around the world. It’s an exciting field and you can expect to see many more players in the new year. We look at four apps that just might take off in 2019, or become even more popular.


Currently in beta mode with a full launch scheduled for 2019 and billed as an alternative to Reddit, Steemit’s unique feature is an effort to monetize the service by doling out digital Steem tokens for user contributions. For instance, by sharing your posts, you can gain so-called upvotes from community members. Based on how many upvotes you receive, you are then eligible to participate in Steemit’s rewards pool. Users can also purchase Steem tokens directly, using a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether or BitShares. Industry watchers say the idea of getting money for posts or votes is a good one, but the service will need a large user base to be successful.


 Brabble is focusing its efforts on its *StarTags technology, which provides a programmable link that can be embedded into any content posted online. These links can be placed inside social media networks, websites or eCommerce marketplaces where online shoppers or social users can browse products and make purchases, says Brabble founder Patrick Mackaronis.

*StarTag links are able to stay native to a post and can be shared infinitely throughout the entire social web or directly within a company’s eCommerce website and platform. The strategy is to drive marketing campaigns to maximize sales by driving more traffic to products that are listed for sale. Patrick Mackaronis expects to be working with more than 100 social networks using *StarTags come 2019.


The Internet doesn’t have a long memory, but some veteran users might remember Winamp, a media player that was useful for its time (around 20 years ago), but lost traction in the wake of iTunes, newer Mp3 players and other more advanced services. But Winamp is coming back in 2019, according to Techcrunch, with a revived and updated model, that will be mobile and platform agnostic. Music, podcasts and streaming services will all be accessible from the Winamp app.


Remember the days of hearing a new song on the radio and not knowing the performer, or even the name of the tune? Shazam solves that annoyance and has become one the world’s most popular apps, used by hundreds of millions of people each month to instantly identify music that’s playing and see what others are discovering. Techradar calls Shazam, “an app that feels like magic.” The recognition process is easy as all you need to do is to make sure the music is loud and clear enough so the app can recognize the track.

Of course, there are hundreds of apps out there that might interest you. Cruise the Google Play Store or search on and you’ll be sure to find something that will entice you to start downloading.