When you surf the web and check out new websites that interest you, there is a whole lot of effort that goes into getting that information into your clickable path.  There is a sort of science to building an effective business website.

It helps to do the research before you begin laying out a design.  Here are a few pointers to get you started on building your business website one section at a time.


Homepage design gets you started

Every website needs a homepage, but there are certain elements of a homepage that make it more desirable than others.  You should keep in mind that you have less than ten seconds to engage the interest of web surfers before they move onto something more interesting.

Study design elements that are aimed towards instantly offering gratification to the eyes of web users.  The psychology behind the use of color, the quality of your image choices, and many other aspects of the design will decide whether or not the page is appealing.


Communication is the key to success

Communication is one of the most important aspects of business and of life.  You need to encourage open communication between your professionals and your customer base.

Like this website shows, a business should always provide a way for its target audience to communicate.  Your website should have a “Contact Us” section that features several different ways to communicate with individuals in your organization.


Products and services are a must

If you are designing a business website, then you are selling something.  You need a section of the website that is dedicated to being your showcase.  People do not seek out business websites just to browse.  They want to buy products or services, so give them a place to do so.

Your “Products & Services” page should give a short description of each product or service your company has to offer, but save the more in-depth descriptions for another page.  Use a “more info,” call-to-action button to keep viewers engaged.


Tell the folks a little about your organization

Your business website needs a space that is dedicated to teaching the public all there is to know about your organization.  Show them what you are all about, and present a mission statement or company goals.

You may also want to provide a few short bios, featuring some of the most influential professionals currently working with your organization.  People like to see that real humans run the business.


Give customer service reps a brief respite

Your customer service representatives have enough to worry about without the added pressures of unnecessary questions.  If you see that the same question is arising over and over again from your customer base, then add it to your FAQ page.

Designing a “Frequently Asked Questions” page saves your customer services reps from having to solve the same inquiries over and over again.