In a Business Minute: Great Ways to Use Your Downtime Productively

There are inevitably going to be moments throughout the day when you experience downtime, but every potential minute lost could be used more productively if you work on some tips to turn those wasted minutes into opportunities to get something done.

Here is a look at how a call recorder could help you review and plan plus some ideas on adding to your existing skills. There is also an overview of ways to keep up with the pace of technology in your downtime.

Time to think

Giving yourself some time to think can actually be highly productive. If you are constantly on the go and operate a hectic daily schedule, you will need to make the most of any downtime to formulate some plans and think up new ideas.

If you download a call recorder app for Android, you could review important phone calls and take some notes while you have the time to do so. Sitting in an airport lounge or waiting for a meeting to start, could be two periods of downtime that give you enough time to review and plan for your business.

Add more strings to your bow

You might not think that you have a lot of spare time to learn a new skill that could be useful in your job, but allocate some downtime to broadening your knowledge and you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

Learning how to fully utilize all the features offered by Excel spreadsheets or learning some basic coding, are just two examples of extra skills you can add during periods of downtime.

Some certifications only take a few hours to complete and are free. You can also download some tutorials and work your way through the information every time you get a moment to take a look.

You might even be inspired to learn a new language by scheduling in some self-taught lessons during any periods of downtime.

Get ahead of the game

Another useful thing to do with your downtime would be to plan some future trips and make arrangements while you have the time to do it.

Whether it is a well-earned family holiday or a business trip that you want to arrange. If you can plan ahead and get everything scheduled and organized as early as possible, it will improve your efficiency and productivity levels.

Get up to date with tech

Technology is evolving at such a fast pace that it is hard for many of us to keep up with the changes and learn how it might benefit our personal and business life.

For instance, do you really know how to use social media platforms and are you making the most of all the latest ideas and features added?

Some analysts think that Snapchat is now more relevant than Facebook, and this is a good example of how you could learn to improve your content creation skills, by using your downtime to learn how to use this as an effective communication tool in your business.

You could also use some of your downtime to catch with the latest tech offerings by reading some reviews and even playing around with some new gadgets when you get the chance.

The message is simple, make the most of your downtime and ensure that every business minute counts.

Zac Murray runs his own business and is currently the sole proprietor dealing with clients, suppliers, product development and shipping orders all on his own. He uses tech to keep him on track in business and his personal life, sharing in his articles how he does it.