London Pass- A magical way to explore London

London is one of the favorite destinations of the world where tourists in large number visit every year. Visiting London will be fruitful when you get the chance to explore the city in a magnificent way. There are many london tours and travel agencies which offers you the chance to explore the city at an affordable tour package. But if you are willing to enjoy this destination in a hassle free manner then nothing can be the best option other than availing the pass of London. is a sightseeing pass which gives the access to attractions around London.  It is available to tourist for one, two, three or six days. With this one card the sightseeing becomes affordable and easy. It saves the money, stress and time of tourist.

Here we are discussion some of the important features of London pass which is important for every tourist to this destination to know.

Easy Sightseeing: London pass reduces the time of buying tickets in queues and the standing in line to get in the destination place.  It acts as a ticket to all the sixty attractions of London it includes.  It reduces the hassle of carrying cash. It makes the tourist to get the VIP like treatment with fast track entry to attractions of London.

Activation of Pass:  The card contains a chip that records the visit time and places visited with London Pass. The card gets activated the first time it is used at an attraction. The pass is available for 1, 2, 3 or 6 days depending on the tourists wish. When the purse value of card is used by tourist, it expires and no longer allows the access to attractions.

Queue Skipping Privilege: The London pass gives the privilege to skip the long queues at famous attractions of London like Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Windsor castle, London Bridge, London zoo, Kensington Palace etc.

Save £££:  This is the most cost effective way to see the beautiful city of London. London pass includes the top attractions of London. The normal visit to London Bridger, Cruise on Thames River and Tower of London costs £60.50 but with London Pass it costs just £49. So with the six days pass, visiting three attractions per day can save £213 of tourists.


Free Guide Book: With every adult London pass, a guide book of 160+ pages is free.  It is very colorful and informative book for tourist. It has full information about attractions in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese.  It contains full address details, contact number, timing and route of bus or tube of attractions. It makes the sightseeing fantastic and easy.

Money Back: The London Pass comes with money back guarantee for a charge of 4.5% of total value.  It gives the extra level of protection to visitors if they could not use the pass.  The travel plans of tourist might change some times, so the money back guarantee of London pass makes the tourist secured.

Travel Guide App:  The London pass travel guide app id available on android and ios. The app has all the information about city, its climate, currency, public holidays, timings and details of attractions. It also gives some offers at restaurants, shops and theatres. It is also comprised of ideas for day out in London.

Dining Guide: The last but not least, the pass comes with a dining guide which offers up to 50% discount on famous dining places in London. The guide book has details and offers for famous restaurants in London.

The London Pass is complete package for sightseeing with free entry to 60 attractions, queue skipping privileges, a comprehensive guidebook and over 20 special dining offers for tourists. We are sure on availing this pass you will get the chance to experience London in a different way which will make this trip memorable for you on a definite note.