Corporate communications have undergone a revolution in only a few years. First email, then social media, tablets, and smartphones changed where, when, and how people get their work done and communicate with each other. Messaging apps like Slack have permanently changed how all kinds of office communication happen. They have helped employees cut down on excessive email use, have project conversations in real time with remote (or in-office) co-workers, and even blow off steam.

At the heart of all these changes is a desire to find a more efficient, seamless way for coworkers to communicate. When meetings are widely derided as a waste of time and people spend too much time answering emails, there’s a need for a better way to communicate across corporate environments.

With so much time already spent on email and messaging apps, broad, department-wide communications easily get lost in the inbox. Eighty percent of corporate environments already use office displays like posters, flyers, and digital signage for internal communications. The benefits of updating internal communication strategies with digital signage are clear. Departments can cut costs and introduce more dynamic messaging. Digital signage grabs more attention than print. They use video, high definition graphics, and integrate with social media and messaging apps to grab employees’ attention and get the message across.

More and more communications experts are using digital signage in the office. Organizations can use digital signage to reinforce the corporate culture, reemphasize team goals, and disseminate news or new knowledge. Digital signage is quickly evolving and new capabilities like data visualization are actually proving very useful in a variety of corporate environments. Digital signage for corporate communication displays graphs, charts, and any other set of data that your team needs to know.

Digital signage is incredibly versatile in the corporate environment. It can show everything from Instagram Walls from customers around the world, office-wide Slack chatrooms, the company Twitter account, news briefings, announcements, motivational messages, or just about anything. It’s an easy way to send out department-wide announcements – relieving your employees of yet one more email they need to open. Using digital signage from a company like Netvisual also makes it incredibly easy to update the message displayed. All you have to do is login to a web portal where you can change information, videos, and messages. Digital signage can be controlled remotely and it comes with 24/7 technical support from Netvisual.

Employee engagement is one of the toughest battles communications professionals have to fight. The productivity of the office and the team’s ability to meet corporate goals are at stake. Digital signage from Netvisual opens up brand new avenues to achieve your corporate communication goals. Declutter the inbox, cut down on Slack chatrooms, and make communication both attention-grabbing and transparent. Whatever the message, digital signage never fails to get it across. Take advantage of high definition displays, custom messaging, easy updates, and dynamic video. From HR communications to daily deals at the cafeteria, digital signage is the communication solution your office needs.