CarZar, a most reliable and an efficient online car selling campany


What does Carzar company Do?

We buy cars for cash. provide a free online valuation on your vehicle according to make, model, year and mileage. Upon an inspection (where the car’s condition is examined), we make the customer a cash offer that is transferred instantly if accepted.
We operate honestly and transparently. The satisfaction of our customers is of paramount important.

Why do we need Carzar?

A dark cloud hangs over you when it’s time to sell your car. People are difficult and unreliable. They call early, arrive late, cancel at the last minute and sometimes forget to brush their teeth.
But, selling your vehicle need not be a terrible ordeal. We streamline the process as far as possible and constantly refine our systems and processes to ensure that our clients feel content and secure.

Who is Carzar for?

Any South African that wants to sell their vehicle.
We offer a service that removes uncertainty from a difficult process. There isn’t an easier way to sell your car.
Trading your vehicle in is tempting because the seller believes they are getting a better deal. However, it only puts the power in the hands of the dealer. We believe that the customer should remain in control throughout the process of selling their vehicle.

What makes Carzar stand out from Others?

We are a young company in an old industry and we’re not scared to try something new.
We have energy. Tons of it!
The office is a vibrant place. We come in to work smiling. That dynamic vibe rubs off on the people we do business with.
We use technology to streamline the industry and improve the value proposition for our clients. We are nothing without them, and the satisfaction we get from turning a painful process into a smooth one will never, ever get old.

What’s Next to Carzar?


We are based primarily Cape Town, but have recently opened a branch in Johannesburg. Durban will be next, followed by Port Elizabeth. Our ultimate goal is to be the top car selling platform in Africa. We’re determined to get there the right way.

Other than that, we will continue to refine our processes, refine our systems and improve our service. Perfection may or may not exist, but it is our responsibility to pursue it wholeheartedly.

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