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5 inspiring biographies of business leaders every entrepreneur must know

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Top 16 ideas for home based business

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Flickr You don’t have to be deeply entrenched in the fast world of business to have noticed it. There are a lot of companies out there today, all vying for the attention of consumers. Turn on the TV or try to watch a YouTube video and you’ll see ads for companies you’d never even heard …

internet security

Cyber security is an important issue in any business, but the more people that you have in a workplace, it becomes even more critical, as there are more potential opportunities for security breaches to occur. If you talk to someone about virus security at for example, they will soon reiterate just how vital it …


As a project manager, you will undoubtedly be faced with time and pressure constraints on a daily basis. Much of this stress can be alleviated though, if you implement a dedicated plan of action ahead of time. These tips will help ensure that your next project is successful. #1 – Build a Relationship with the …

first employee

Hiring your first employee is the biggest decision you will have made up to that point with regard to the future of your business. Up until that point, it is all about you, your hopes, your dreams, your income, your family, your future. You can either fail or succeed. But for the most part, you …


When positions open up at your company, you want to know you’re recruiting the right people to fill those positions. By making sure your hiring practices are sound, you’ll find the best new people for your team. Attract Passive Job Seekers Passive job seekers aren’t out there trolling job postings every day, hoping to find …


There are many things that go into creating your personal identification, in terms of documents and numbers. Some of the most important components are: Your Social Security number. Your driver’s license. Credit score. The financial accounts that you may have. Debit and credit cards. Even your social networking activity. Unfortunately, this simply means that you …

car paint protection

It is essential for a car to look good and feel good. There are many instances when the paint of the car gets eroded. It might be due to wear and tear or due to the rough weather. Excessive heat damages the paint so does the cold excessive cold weather might as well damage the …


Image Source Whether your business is in trouble or just struggling to move to the next level, new customers will solve your problem. There are few problems that can’t be solved by attracting new customers who have never bought from you in the past. These ideas will help you attract those people to your business. …


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work place

Every business owner faces a host of unique liability considerations that increase — dramatically, in many cases — the cost and complexity of doing business. For companies with lots of employees, one of the biggest considerations concerns workplace injuries: what happens, and who pays, when an employee is hurt (or worse) on the job. Property …