Check Out All the Ways Smartwatch Apps Help Flatten the Curve


Just when you thought the smartphone was the smallest a computer could get, they made the smartwatch. This lightweight piece of advanced machinery has significantly dropped in price since they first hit the market in 2015. Not only are they stylish but smartwatches are also being used in different countries to help flatten the curve.

Let’s look at all the different ways that smartwatch apps help fight against the effects of COVID-19.

Corona Data Donation; Germany

Germany’s public health authority has launched the Corona Data Donation app for smartwatches to help track the effectiveness of the nation’s measures to contain COVID-19. Volunteers decide to opt-in, and once they’ve downloaded the app, their smartwatch can gather vital signs such as pulse, sleep data and temperature.

This information is continuously analyzed to monitor for flu-like symptoms. With enough volunteers, the data set is projected on an interactive online map that can allow health authorities and the public to gauge the prevalence of infections.

All the data will be processed anonymously. The app is available for Android and iOS smartwatches.

Data Tracking Simulator; Canada

A researcher and computer science professor from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, named James Hughes is entering data gathered by smartwatches into a simulation he created to help the province and all of Canada cope with COVID-19.

The idea is simple: the computer program will duplicate real-world social connections to try to simulate how the virus could travel in real life. After running the program multiple times, its artificial intelligence can predict the efficacy of different safety measures before they’re implemented, so the government knows which one to select.

Artificial Intelligence allows researchers to process much more data than they otherwise could. Hughes hopes his program will be ready for policymakers by the end of the summer.

Fun Games for Escapism

Smartwatches are gathering vital health data in different ways, but they also provide badly needed entertainment when people need a break from the nightly news.

Games for smartwatches range from retro 1970s style to futuristic augmented reality. For example, download Pong for iOS and control the paddle on the bottom of your screen with your watch crown to keep the rally alive and the ball in play.

Or for something more modern, download the augmented reality game Tilt for iOS or Android. In Tilt, the wearer of the watch moves their wrist to tilt the surface on which a marble rests. The object is to get the marble to roll around hazards and reach the finish line of each level.

There are all kinds of smartwatch games you can play right on your wrist to help de-stress or take your mind off world events. 

Launch Your Own App

Do you have an idea for a fantastic smartwatch app? Many small- or medium-sized business owners would love to have an app promote their brand and amplify their product, but they don’t have the technical training to design and launch an app.

The good news is you don’t need to be a coding expert or UX designer to create your own app, as you can connect with Apple watch developers like Guarana Technologies to get all the experience and expertise you need.

Creating your own smartwatch app is a productive way to keep occupied during COVID-19. To ensure the project remains yours, look for app developers who want to partner with you, not take over your idea.

You should be involved in every step of the process, from ideation, wireframing, building the UI, development and testing, and quality assurance. You may need professional guidance and technical support along the way, but the final product must bear your signature.

Check that the developer you select has a good track record and that they make it a point to remain in constant contact with their clients. Keeping in touch should be simple — there shouldn’t be any bureaucratic runarounds. 

The smartwatch has countless functions and applications, so it’s no surprise that it’s being used in various ways to combat the spread of COVID-19. It’s also essential that people feel engaged while flattening the curve at home. Stay busy by partnering with the right application development agency to launch a smartwatch app for your business, or explore all the fun games available.