Choosing great domain names for SEO

Choosing great domain names for SEO

Choosing a name for your SEO in today’s time can be way more difficult than doing the same for your child. This business is tricky; you can’t have a username before trying for three different options because your name is already taken up. This process naming your SEO uniquely and intelligent at the time so that it does not create an identity crisis as well satisfies your branding requirements. By this I certainly do not mean to name your SEO RUM-PEL-STILT-SKIN just for the sake of being unique but there is specific criterion a name should satisfy, namely

  1. Keywords
  2. Branding
  3. Ranking


People type what they are searching for on the address bar and hit enter. When they find a SEO with the same name chances are high statistically that they will visit that website. But how accurate is this in today’s scenario because search engines like Google provides weight age to different keywords. Here it is important to choose the perfect name.

Suggestively one must refrain from using:

  1. Hyphenated names, since they are obviously difficult to remember. For example, it is not only easily forgettable but also not so catchy, a returning user might end up writing a different name on the search engine and land up on some totally unvisited site.
  2. Long names, as they are very generic and lack credibility. Such names appear spammy and devalue their own content.

One must use keywords in context of the content in the website but not at the cost of its brand value. The name hence should be short, catchy and non-hyphenated.


Apt use of keywords adds to the SEO value of your name. Also Google fortunately currently values keywords within a domain name like which is combination of a generic term plus a keyword. Recent updates byGoogle show that average EMD ranking has reduced significantly, one can use this combination of generic plus keyword to get better results. May be that’s the reason behind’s popularity over other counterparts. Avoiding uncommon TLD’s like .info, .ws, .cc which indicate spammy content yields better ranking.

A myth worth bursting here is that the domain registration length does not have anything to do with search engine ranking score.


We have established this so far that your naming decision effects your ranking and efficient use of keywords improve your ranking further. Butthere are times when people search using a particular brand name. One must secure the brand name as your domain name keeping in mind a few things;

  1. The brand must be pre-established and recognized. (Like schinder or Mercedes).
  2. A plan is in place to promote and advertise the brand.
  3. The brand name is unique.
  4. You want good ranking results for your brand name.

To ensure web success, SEO names are the first things and forms a important part of your brand recall value.

Moreover there are few tips to ensure your selected name comes up when a user searches it online;

  1. Keyword Research tool which is free tool provided by Google is a great help when it comes to deciding which keyword to use in your name. Just type keyword tool on the Google search bar and the keyword tool website appears in the results. Analysing demand for any product or service is the first step before confirming a particular keyword. Number of searches per month provides this data indirectly. This tells us how many people have been looking for this product on a monthly basis and gives us fair idea which keywords to use.
  2. A great name is a delicate balance between a unique name and a descriptive one. it must give the searching party a clear idea about the website. Google also ranks those websites better which have easily understood names. For example if our website is about horse breeding, a perfect name according to Google would be or But unfortunately all great names are already taken. But let’s not dishearten ourselves, because i have a trick or two under my sleeves to solve this problem.
  3. Short tail keywords versus long tail keywords

There has been conformity in internet experts that names should be short like,, but such names often lack clarity and descriptiveness. If while naming one can strike a balance between num of key words and memorability, I feel slightly longer name will be equally competitive. and are great examples to this idea.

  1. We use keywords to drive traffic to our websites, which in turn generates revenue. so there some people who are looking for specific and urgent needs online, let’s call these needs or keywords  as “money keywords”. Value of the keywords increases with the increase in urgency of the user’s need. For example how to avoid pregnancy, how to avoid body ache, how to lose fat etc. A mantra leading to a successful online business is naming your business around a specific or niche need of the user. These are usually the easiest to monetise.
  2. Keep your SEO name as simple as possible.
  3. Higher the number of advertisers on our search higher the moneymaking capacity of that keyword. Adwords are paid advertisements that show up when we search anything related to those adwords.
  4. Next is a quick look on your competitors. After we have finalised our keywords, type these in to the search engine’s search bar and look at the top five results.

Now analyse whether you can replace them in near future. A good measure of this will be to check, that age of the website. An older website is harder to replace and so it the one with large number of back links. Additionally there is a page rank score for each website on Google. A high PR score means a well established website. If we cannot replace these websites on the first page then we need to think of similar keywords.

Keeping these few things in mind while naming your SEO will surely get you user attention. Also it is worth remembering that in today’s time innovation is the key to success, so keep following your user’