“CircleDex” enables users to build a secure private address book


What does CircleDex company Do?
We are developing a software application that is updating the old address book.  The application, known as CircleDex.com (Circle of Influence + Rolodex/Index) enables users to build a secure private address book that contains personal contacts contact information and business contacts contact information (business card archive).  The private contacts can then be invited by the user to either create an account on CircleDex or link with them if the user has an existing account on CircleDex.  Once connected, both users decide if the other user is apart of their “inner circle” (close friends and family) or “outer circle” (acquaintances).  These two circle options options are set by the user upon account creation for the purpose of governing what information is displayed to connections.  As the users Circle of Influence is constructed – the user can then endorse their connections and share that endorsed connections CIrcleDex business card with their CircleDex or other social networks.  Futhermore, CircleDex users can store and archive other users CircleDex endorsements.  Going beyond people -CircleDex users can also create endorsements on businesses, products, and services that can also be searched, shared and archived by other CircleDex users.

Why do we need CircleDex?
The Founders of CircleDex looked at how people typically use their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts – and came to the conclusion that Facebook can be considered a great distribution outlet for peoples family pictures and random thoughts, but not a great solution for creating and storing endorsements for those that deserve recognition.  It is also not really a Contact Management System – as people are very reluctant to give Facebook personal information.  We also felt that LinkedIn, while it has a lot of value as an online resume surely has it’s weak points.  This would include the true value of their endorsement feature, which many have questioned as being credible.  We wanted to make an endorsement system that was more of a referral that can be shared with Facebook, a network where most people spend more time.  And last but not least – Twitter, which is generally not peoples’ close circle of influence.

Who is CircleDex for?
CircleDex is designed for people who are regular Facebook users and see LinkedIn as a solution that does not really fit their immediate needs, and does not get their message out to the people who are most likely to read and share their message.  It is also for people who would not necessarily be considered “content creators” due to time involved having to create lengthy reviews and endorsements, but are attracted to the notion of keeping things simple and short.

What makes it stand out from Others? 
CircleDex stands out because we are combining an address book with permissions with searchable and archivable endorsements on people, places, and things.  CircleDex also stands out because it’s about using peoples circles of influence to distribute endorsements and rewarding them through the law of reciprocity.  We are designing it to have a viral aspect “help me and I’ll help you”.  The Founders of CircleDex have yet to find a solution meeting these requirements.

What’s Next? 
We are currently testing features of our service with beta users.  As of today, we are also inviting people to our Website to signup for early access.  As we board new users, we plan to allow them to begin building their circles and endorse one another.  We then plan to add the ability for users to begin endorsing products and services shortly thereafter.  The final piece will be to focus on our mobile platform.