Cloud Computing Is Another Way To Increase Your Profit!


Profit? Really? How?

Think how much you can save when you no longer need to install weighty hardware or servers. No need to bother about and spend on technical issues related to storage and backups. Your data would have an additional layer of security to protect you against illegal access or loss of data. No scope of bottlenecks or delays as there would be multiple resources to take over the tasks, if one fails. And, these are just some of the various benefits of Cloud Computing!

Many have already accepted this technology as a tremendous prospect to accelerate their careers and make use of its popularity to amplify their bank accounts. The cloud has proven itself to be of value, and IT pros are finding cloud migrations lucrative.

How will Cloud Computing benefit developers?

If we segregate it role wise, there are two major positions that ask for cloud computing competencies. A. IT admins who would build and maintain the architecture of the cloud, and B. Software developers who have the precise cloud computing skills to address the requirement of the industry. There is a huge demand for people who can understand the business necessities and deploy cloud services to organizations. Those who possess a strategic knowledge to form need based clouds claim it higher.

The American IT research and advisory firm Gartner claims that the adoption of cloud would hit $250 billion by 2017, and this prediction is being fast realized. It also says that the demand for hybrid clouds would be more than the pure-form.

Traditional web hosting services are no longer being used (read lesser). Small entrepreneurs prefer the pay and use model of the cloud that reduces their cost overhead by a significant amount. And with this comes the need for independent cloud consultants, developers and administrators, analysts, and process owners who can evaluate and set up cloud based solutions.

How are you moving towards the Cloud?

The high rising need for cloud based jobs is increasing the need for well-skilled, certified professionals. The CompTIA Cloud Essentials and the CompTIA Cloud+ certifications are designed and delivered to help understand the cloud infrastructure and what it means from a business perspective, its impacts on IT, and the benefits of migrations.

There is a huge scope for certified professionals to make money out of the cloud, as 85% of the new software being developed today is built for the cloud. Investing in, and gaining from cloud computing is currently a good bet, and will remain so for quite some time now. You need to understand that industries who have already invested in developing cloud services can also scale up (due to the flexibility that the cloud structure offers)!

To Conclude

While more and more professionals are adopting the cloud culture and getting a strong hold on it with the help of certifications, Cloud technology is perhaps changing at a faster pace. For moving in parallel with it requires you to increase your learning and processing power all the more, like the cloud.