A few years ago, there were servers in an office network which seized the entire floors. It required a significant amount of time and capital investments. Later, people utilized floppy drives and disks to store data. This kind of office is unimaginable today. But at present, cloud storage services are growing their popularity. This is good news for many. Especially for those who don’t prefer to carry removable drives around to transfer data. With cloud services being deployed, you can upload files to the cloud server and access them wherever and whenever you need. Thus, being cloud services on the go, everything is out there in the cloud. These are servers that serve all the general storage purposes. Mostly suitable for all types of businesses whether big or small. 

Among all the operating system, Windows are popular globally. The latest version of Windows offers bug-free and robust features. In Windows, the more files you store, the less it performs and might prone to errors. Do you think its a hassle? Then there is a solution to this. With CloudMounter for Windows, you can store more data and optimize the drive for Windows. Moreover, movies, music, images and audio occupy huge space which is the prime solution which this cloud service gives. Moreover, managing cloud is easy and convenient. Mount or fix them as hard drives onto your laptops. Good, high-quality cloud storage allows you to even flawlessly share files. 

CloudMounter for Windows

CloudMounter sits at the top of all the cloud storage for Windows. Germany based service is a tool for all the laptops that has low-capacity SSDs. If you are online, you can easily mount the most common clouds as drives. No need to download or install files. There is a data encryption facility to secure your files. Select one among OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive accounts to organize the files in finder freely. 

Manage your information through this handy tool from Eltima Software. This is centralized cloud storage, for Windows Explorer. CloudMounter for Windows provides mounting all the cloud accounts and web servers to your laptops or PC. This enables you to have the ability to control all your accounts from a single location. Using CloudMounter is easy and enjoyable as it mounts cloud disks to local drives on Windows map. Connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, WebDAV, (S)FTP, servers just like hosting on your computer. 

Key Features

The app’s manageable, intuitive interface makes this utility flexible to use. Just download the app, opt for the service you want and enter the login details. That’s all!! it’s now ready to use. 

Along with other connections, cloud services also provide you to connect remotely with  SFTP, FTP, and WebDAV servers. This is similar to connecting with any shared location on the local drive. 

There are SSL-encryption channels, so the CloudMounter for Windows is safe for use. When you enter your login-details these are securely stored in PC’s keychain and sent to cloud servers directly through this SSL. 

The interface is aesthetically designed for easy use and navigated by all. There is no technical knowledge required. Hence, if there is a requirement of various cloud accounts. CloudMounter is best to go if you want various cloud accounts with only one point of access. 

When you manage to use CloudMounter, then there is no need to save any files on to your PC. Though you are still working with these files as if you saved them locally. 

The team of CloudMounter always generates new ideas, processes and implements new versions regularly. The tech team works happily to serve all your queries. 

CloudMounter comes with a facility of drag and drop. So that you can adjust your folders as in any other files. 

Eltima CloudMounter has taken a big step by removing initial bugs. This enhances the overall performance by enabling integration with friendly finder. The integration is logical and smooth that provide app users even more comprehensiveness. This feature allows the users to view the files in the queue, downloading or uploading. This also lets you know the errors while transferring. 

It is well suited on all Windows platforms who have Windows 2008, 7,8, 10. and is available in English, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, German. 

Mapping Dropbox account and CloudMounter

By Mounting Dropbox account with CloudMounter, you receive the following advantages:

  • Mount as a drive and upload files just like copying them to a local folder without installing it. 
  • Even though the dropbox is pre-installed on to your computer, then you can access folders that are not synced to the hard drive. This is flexible when you have a Dropbox account and no space to store all the documents or files. 

Connecting Google Drive

This tool is efficient Google Drive client as it provides you to map accounts on a network. They can be stored locally and you don’t need to save them on to your PC. 

Microsoft OneDrive

Combine OneDrive with CloudMounter and upload documents and files easily and effortlessly. Install this cloud storage as drive and work efficiently and quickly without saving online folders to your PC in order to manage them. 


Go for14 days free trial. But if you want to opt for more features for Windows 7 SP1+ CloudMounter offers three plans 

Personal Licence priced at $29.99

Team licence access is given up to 5PC, priced at  $99.99

Lifetime Licence- For all the additional supports you can opt this plan at $9.95

For some countries, there will be VAT charges extra. 


CloudMounter for Windows is a software app that provides mounting cloud storage by replacing on-premise alternatives. This can be accessed from numerous places. Organize and manage your Google Drive, Wasabi, Microsoft OneDrive, for free Overall, CloudMonuter for Windows is an excellent way to obtain all your cloud services from one centralized location.