Common Issues When Presenting During a Meeting and How to Deal With Them 

You can’t expect your presentation to be perfect. Several factors might stop you from sending a clear message to everyone in the room. It doesn’t mean you’re a terrible speaker. It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn. Don’t let these moments prevent you from moving forward. Here are some issues you might face and how to deal with them.

Technical problems

Technical issues are common. While technology helps in making these presentations clearer, they may also backfire. It pays to prepare and check everything you must use for the presentation. For example, if you use a microphone, check the sound system. Ask someone to be responsible for managing the sounds while you speak. It also helps to use visual aids to send a clearer message, like a projector mount that you can find if you click here. It makes the presentation easier and faster. You don’t have to worry that your visual aids won’t be of any use as you speak. 


It’s natural to be nervous during a presentation. Your presentation can make or break your business plan when you pitch to potential investors. You will also be nervous if you speak in front of many people. You know they will judge you and might not have an excellent opinion of you. The best way to deal with nervousness is to focus on the presentation. Don’t allow anyone to destroy your plan. When speaking, bring yourself to a happy place and let go of negative ideas. You will eventually get through it. 

Difficult questions

Allowing other people in the room to ask you would be great. It boosts your presentation. It also clarifies misconceptions. The problem is you might be unable to answer difficult questions. When faced with one, don’t panic. It’s natural to experience this problem. Know your presentation well to answer questions easily. Another strategy is to be transparent. If you don’t know the answer, be honest about it. People won’t see you as a failure just because you didn’t answer one difficult question. Make sure you respond to this question at another time when you have the answers. 

Lack of response in the room

You will feel more confident when you present if people in the room are responsive. Simple nods to your statement will boost your confidence. The problem is if everyone seems bored or has a poker face as you speak. It’s even worse if you ask investors to fund your ideas. It feels like they already have a decision even before you finish talking. The solution is not to get ahead of yourself. You’re there to discuss your ideas and not to analyse everyone in the room. You will feel more disturbed if you worry too much. Let go of these thoughts and focus on the presentation. 

There are no potential problems you can’t solve. You will also improve over time, especially if you face the same problems repeatedly.