Comparium Helps to save money and time with cross-browser website testing

It is hard to keep track of the browsers, their platforms and versions. Don’t you agree? Every other day they release a new updated version of the browser and it is tiring to track all this. Your clients use different versions of these browsers and if you have to test dozens of their webpages daily, then it can get complicated. What if there is an automatic website testing tool that can make your work easy, save time and money? Yes, you heard it right!!! Comparium is one such tool that makes cross-browser website testing easy.

What is cross-browser testing?

Cross-browser testing is a process in which you can test your application across multiple browsers to ensure that it works perfectly well across these browsers. Simply put, it checks the compatibility of your application across different web browsers. Performing cross-browser testing is important, as it allows you to provide your users with the best experience. And also find any issues that need to be fixed in the application and streamline its operations. Cross-browser testing informs you of any possible pitfalls and enhances the efficiency of your application. It applies to both mobile and web applications. 

How Comparium helps you in cross-browser website testing?

Website designing takes a lot of time and effort. Once you have designed a website with a beautiful theme. Then comes the difficult part, website testing. You must make sure your website is compatible with multiple browsers. Why? You’re wondering, not all your targeted audience uses the same browser right. So if you want to provide your users with the best user experience, then you must make sure your website is working efficiently with all browsers. 

When your targeted audience visits your website, if your website is taking too much time to load then you’re audience will switch to another website. To avoid such a situation you must perform cross-browser website testing. In traditional cross-browser testing, you must run your website on different personal computers, mobiles, laptop’s and success will completely depend on how many devices your website is tested on. Imagine the amount of time and cost it takes to check on all these devices.

But to make your work easy and save you both time and money website testing applications have come into the picture. These tools test your application on different browsers and determine how compatible is it with other browsers. Comparium is also one such tool that makes cross-browser website testing easy.

Comparium Road Map

There are four different versions of this tool. Version 1 will be launched by the end of the year. Version 2 allows testing of different scenarios on the page, it supports clients selenium Scripts. Version 2.5 will make real-time web testing possible. You can test your website on a virtual desktop and it will have a different browser and all their versions available. It offers great support for a variety of browsers and their versions. Lastly, Version 3 offers free, pro and enterprise plans, it has access to API. 

Features of Comparium 

Different browsers and their versions

The first version of the comparium allows you to manage web browser testing on different operating systems and browsers of your choice. You can perform visual compatibility testing across different browsers and ensure that your website is working smoothly on different browsers. It supports Google 75.0, 74.0, 73.0, Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0 and Safari 11.0. 

Offline report

Website testing can take a lot of time, it keeps you locked in front of your computer as it has to take a screenshot and display it. But Comparium saves you time and effort, all you need to do is leave the URL you want to be tested along with your email. A set of screenshots will directly be sent to the email. Cool, right? No more waiting and you can use that time to concentrate on other important tasks in hand.

Browsers from different Platforms

Comparium helps you in testing your website on any platform. It provides you access to a popular modern OS, browser version. You can perform flawless web testing on any platform. It supports operating systems such as Windows 10, 7, High Sierra, Mac OS X Mojave and Linux. You can check your web page’s compatibility on any of these OS and ensure your users get the best user experience. 

Version 1 is free, but if you want some additional features then you would need to pay, but no decisions have been taken yet on pricing. 


There are multiple browsers and not all your targeted audience would be using the same browser. Browsers come with many updates and versions. So, it takes a lot of effort to make your website compatible with a browser on any platform. If your website is working smoothly on any browser, it would benefit your business as it drives more traffic to the website.

It is important to perform cross-browser testing as it helps you in finding any possible pitfalls and streamline the operations on your website. Next time you want to save your effort, money and time while testing a client’s web page, then use Comparium and say goodbye to all cross-browser website testing worries.