I have tried many video editing and video converting software. Some of them were good and some were below the level. A lot of companies are making these kinds of software but almost none of them completely satisfies the user.

I am thankful to Wondershare which is a Chinese company as it has made a very effective video converting software called Video Converter Ultimate.

The key point of this company is to provide the users with simple, effective and easy to use softwares and applications.

It was really easy to understand and use the software due to its user friendly layout and language. A non technical person can also understand how to use the software.

The converter has an easy display andgetting further in detail I found that this video converter can convert the files to any format and in any quality according to the desire of the client. This software has a complete tool box for videos editing.

The software is best for Youtubers or other people that need to do video editing as this software can crop and trim the videos and watermarks can be also be add. It can add any type of filter in the videos.

It converts the video files in any format like mov, avi, mp4, mlv etc.

While looking further in the software specs I saw that the software is able to convert multiple files at a time. User can convert more than one files at a single time.

User just has to add the files from the personal computer and has to select the format in which the file should be converted. More than one files can be selected and converted. The speed of the software is admirable as it converts the files in no time. The location of the converted file is set in the software by default which can be changed by going in the settings of the software. Learn more here — How to Convert wmv to mp4.

The software is compatible with any iosor android device. User just has to synchronize the device and files can directly be transferred from the software to the device.

Another feature of the software is that the files can directly be burnt on the cd. If someone wants to make copies of the videos then it is much easy with the help of this software.

Gif maker is an other functionality of this software in which the videos or the clips can be converted to gif format and the user can send any type of gif.

The trial version of this software is provided by the company so that user can use the trial version and if the software completes all the demands of the user and the user is completely satisfied than the software can be bought from the official website of Wondershare on a low price.

I recommend the Video Converter Ultimate to every one who is tired of using other software but didn’t get satisfactory results because I am totally satisfied with the working and the functionality of the software.