Create A Blog That Screams Professionalism


Image source: Pixabay

Whether you’re blogging just for the love of it or as an auxiliary for your business, I’m sure you want it to look and feel professional. Standards in blogging have really shot up in recent years. Now, it’s quickly becoming a respected form of journalism rather than the obscure little niche it started off as. If you’re worried about the current tone of your blog, here are some tips to make it more professional.


First of all, the layout of the whole blog needs to be as clear and easy to navigate as possible. This is among one of the most commonly neglected traits of a blog out there. When a lot of bloggers and business owners start their blog, they leave the content a little thin, and worry that this screams unprofessionalism. This may be true, but it’s better to put up with a slow start than to oversaturate the blog with unnecessary pages. Whenever you’re changing the layout of the blog, be sure to aim for something as clean and organised-looking as possible. Space out all the widgets, buttons and so forth out evenly, and don’t let them cut one another out.


Image source: Wikimedia

The content itself that you post on the blog is another area where you can help your professional image. After all, what’s a blog for? If you’ve had enough experience reading and writing blogs for your particular niche, then you’re probably fine. However, if you’re building a website and you need content in a hurry, you may want to look for some blog post services to outsource to. These can be pretty pricey depending on where you go, but outsourcing comes with a certain guarantee of professionalism in terms of the style of the content. At the very least, you should be looking at some similar blogs and taking leaves out of their book. Also, for goodness sake, comb through for spelling and grammar errors!

Finally, your own domain name. This is a simple one, I know. If you’ve already taken the initiative to buy and apply your own domain name, then well done! If you haven’t, and your blog has already gone live, then change this as soon as possible. We all like to save money, but when it comes to blogging there are certain investments you have to make. You can’t go on under “” and kid yourself into thinking it will seem as professional as any other blog. I don’t make the rules, but if you go on without a proper domain name, your URL is going to scream a lack of professionalism, and drive traffic away. When you have a nice, clean .com after your brand name, your website will become a lot more memorable to your customer base. At the very least, it will tell them you’re serious enough to pay for a domain!

Take this advice, and your blog will come out looking nice and professional. The way your blog reads and feels can either be your greatest ally or worst enemy. Make sure the scales tip the right way!