Security Automation of everything is not possible, but if your organization is starting the automation, they might want maximum things to be automated. So what is it that you need to do to maintain a balance between automated and manual security tasks.

Understand how to use the manual strategy along with automation to use the best of both systems.

Automate computer operations started about 45 years ago and have many benefits such as

  • Cost Reduction
  • Productivity
  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Performance

Although it has many benefits, it still has some disadvantages and limitations.

Somethings can simply not be automatized, no matter how skilled you are and what testing framework are you using, for somethings, you will always have to use the manual operation.

For example, CAPTCHAs, they are impossible to automate despite their popularity with e-commerce sites.

And there are some other operations that are possible to automate but they have such a complex script that you are better without it.

You need to know the limitations and disadvantages so that you know how to balance between the automated and manual operations.

Solidify Your Regression Suite

It is very helpful to have a regression suite that ensures basic functionality. Now you might want to automate tests that are time consuming and repetitive, so you need to think about which tests you want to automate. Solidifying your regression suite will help you choose the tests that you want to cover after every integration or change to the code.

Automize the small tests

Small tests that are reusable and maintainable, are more resistant to the changes in the UI, so they are ideal for automation.

But more complex and longer tests should be left on manual. This will lessen the time needed for scripting and you can explore through the application. Moreover, you won’t have to rescript the test everytime the UI application changes.

What’s the Risk?

Deciding between the manual and automatized security tasks, you need to know the risks of automatizing. There are many methods to evaluate the tests that are on risk, identify the tests that are on most risk, medium risk and low risk and then you should probably start the most high-risk tests with automation suite. And start the others on manual operation.

Automation is great to speed up the tests but it still takes a lot of time in coding and maintenance. Say you have automated a test that runs every day with the same result every time, does it have to stay that way? No, it obviously doesn’t, if you are getting the same result every time, then try changing it to manual and running it just once in a while instead of every day.

Considering ROI

ROI is “Return on Investment”, always keep his option open. Automating needs maintenance, coding and analyzing, so if you decide that the efforts required in automation, are not worth it and you decide to convert back to manual operation after some time, this facility would be of great help.

Keep these things in mind, test for what’s best for you and create a perfect balance between the automated and manual security tasks.